How To Finish A Shed

Shed Improvement Ideas and Solutions

Learn how to install interior and exterior finishes on your storage shed or basement finish project.

garden shed plan finished


Concrete Finishes For Your Backyard Shed

Learn how to install concrete when building your storage shed. Everything from installing footings and concrete slab for your shed floor to a concrete walkway leading to your garden shed. You can also learn how to install concrete steps and a landing pad outside the doorway into your shed.

concrete pad finishedConcrete

How To Build Concrete Steps

How To Lay Concrete

Pouring A Concrete Pad Or Landing In Front Of Your Shed Door

How To Pour A Concrete Walkway or Sidewalk

Thickness Of Concrete Slabs

How To Cure Concrete

How To Screw Concrete

How To Drill Concrete

Build Concrete Steps

Spring and summer are the best times to pour concrete. Warmer temperatures and more temperate weather make it easier to set up, pour, finish and cure concrete. Check out our tutorials on How To Pour A Concrete Pad and How to Lay Concrete. These how to tutorials will show you everything you need to know to properly lay a small or large concrete pad. Our DIY tutorials are designed to help you do home improvement projects youself, saving you money and helping you to perform improvements with greater skill.

Building Codes

fire inspection shop

egress window requirements

Egress Windows

Electrical Codes

Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Refill

Fire Blocking, How To Install Fire Blocking In Wood Framing

Great Resource For Residential Building Code Requirements

Learn what codes apply to finishing a storage shed and basement including bedrooms, windows, electrical and fire blocking

Ceramic Tile Installation and Ideas

lay concrete slabs, stairs and padsInstall thinset on cement backer board

Floor Tile Install

Tiling a Floor With Ceramic Tile or Stone Tile

Tile Floor Backer Board Install

How To Install Ditra Mat


How To Install Wall To Wall Carpeting


Polished Concrete Ideas For Your Storage Shed or Shed Workshop


How To Build A Shower Pan For Tile and How To Mix Floor Mud For Shower Pans

Install A Corner Tile Shower Shelf and How To Install A Ceramic Tile Soap Dish

Shed Kitchen and Bath Tile Backsplash Install

How To Tile A Backsplash

If you are installing ceramic tile the articles in this Ceramic Tile Installation section will give you all the information you need to learn how to install floor tile and wall tile, build a shower pan, shower niche, install backer board, install a tile backsplash for kitchen and bath walls, install wall tile and tile showers.

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