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1 - How To Build A Shed Foundation

FOUNDATION FRAMING - CLICK HERE To Learn How To Build A Shed Foundation - 4 Photos

how to build a shed foundationThese are the highlights on how to build a shed foundation using wood rails. Click the image or text above for more info.

Building the foundation is the first step in building your storage shed.



  1. CUTTING THE RAILS: Cut the rails to the length of the shed floor.The shed foundation rails are pressure treated lumber to help resist deteroriation when in contact with the ground.
  2. LEVEL AND PREPARE THE RAIL BEDS: The dirt or gravel that the foundation rails sit on must be level so that the shed will be level.
  3. SQUARE THE RAILS IN RELATION TO EACH OTHER: Set the wood rails into the rail beds and check them for level and proper distance from each other. Use a tape measure to measure the diagonals from corner to corner. Remember to double check that the two rails are exactly the same length and that they are the same distance from each other.


We also have video tutorials on how to install a shed floor using:

Gravel Bed Foundation in our Lean To Shed Building Tutorial

Concrete Slab foundations

2 - How To Build A Shed Floor

FLOOR FRAMING - CLICK HERE To Learn How To Build A Shed Floor And View The How To Build A Shed Floor Tutorial - 6 Photos!

how to build a shed floor framing

This is a brief explanation of how to build the shed floor framing. See more photos and a complete shed floor building tutorial by clicking the link above.

The shed floor is built by framing the floor joists and rim joists. This assembly is built on top of the treated rails. You can also build this out of pressure treated or steel studs and set them directly on top of a level gravel bed.


  1. MARK THE JOIST LOCATIONS ON THE TWO RIM BOARDS: After cutting the two rimjoist boards to length use a tape measure to mark the floor joist locations on them. The typical layout spacing for floor joists is 16 inches on center but it can be 12 inches if you want a stronger floor.
  2. SET THE FLOOR JOISTS IN LINE WITH THEIR MARKS: Take each of the floor joists and crown the board and then set it on one of the marks on the rim boards.
  3. NAIL THE RIM BOARDS TO THE FLOOR JOISTS:Continue building the floor by lining up each floor joist with its respective layout mark and nailing them together.
  4. ATTACH THE FLOOR FRAMING TO THE FOUNDATION RAILS: Line up the floor joist assembly with the foundation rails below it and toenail them together. You can also use an angle bracket to attach the rim board more securely.


3 - How To Install Floor Sheeting

FLOOR SHEETING - CLICK HERE To Learn How To Install Floor Sheeting And View The How To Build A Shed Floor Tutorial - 8 Photos!

how to build a shed floor sheetingThese are the main items used to install tongue and groove floor decking on your storage shed. This informative tutorial has lots of pictures and detailed explanations.


Complete building your shed floor by attaching 3/4" tongue and groove floor sheeting to the floor joists.


  1. TEST FIT A PIECE OF FLOOR SHEETING: Set the first piece of sheeting on the floor joists to see how it lines up with the joist framing. The 4' end should break on the center of the floor joist it sits on top of. Use a pencil to mark the top edge of the sheeting so you know where to stop the adhesive. If it lines up well you will remove it and install adhesive.
  2. INSTALL CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE: Apply a 1/4" bead of construction adhesive along the top center edge of each of the floor joists where the first sheet will go. Just put down enough construciton adhesive for one sheet at a time.
  3. SET THE FIRST SHEET: The first sheet is set back in its place on the joists and aligned with the rim boards and the center of the joist that the 4' end hits. Nail the floor sheeting in place. Building codes require a nail every 6 inches along the supported edges and every 12 inches in the center of the sheet into the shed floor joists.
  4. INSTALL THE REST OF THE FLOOR SHEETS: Continue installing the floor sheeting following the same steps. (you should not need to test fit any other pieces) You will need to cut off the tongue of the sheets that overhangs the edge of the rim board.


4 - How To Build Roof Rafters

ROOF RAFTER - CLICK HERE To Learn How To Build Roof Rafters And View The How To Build A Shed Roof RaftersTutorial - 12 Photos

how to build a shed roof rafterThis is a brief overview of how to make shed roof rafters or trusses. Click on the link above to see more photos and the complete tutorial.

The roof rafters for your storage shed are built before the walls of the shed so that you can use the floor of the shed as a work surface. The floor of the shed will allow you to make a jig so that all the rafters are the same.


  1. CUT THE SHED RAFTERS TO LENGTH: Start building the rafters by cutting one rafter side to length with the ends angled. The top end of the rafter will have the angle of the roof slope cut into it. The bottom end will either be cut square or it will also have the angle of the roof slope.
  2. MARK AND CUT THE SEAT AND BIRDSMOUTH CUTS: Use the dimensions and angles shown on the plans to locate and mark the cuts where the shed rafters will sit on the shed walls. It helps to use a "speed square" with roof angle cuts shown on it. Use a circular saw or jig saw to cut along the marked lines.
  3. MAKE TWO MORE RAFTERS USING THE FIRST AS A TEMPLATE: Lay the first board on another board and trace the end angles and the seat / birdsmouth cuts. Cut out these two rafters. You can get an idea of how the angles will work together by laying them on the shed floor with their seat cuts meeting the edge of the shed where the walls will be and the peak ends meeting on the center of the shed floor.
  4. MAKE A JIG TO HOLD THE RAFTERS IN PLACE WHILE YOU CONNECT THEM TO EACH OTHER: A jig is built by attaching wood blocks to the shed floor along the two edges of each of the rafters. The peak of the rafters will meet at the dimension shown on the plans above the shed wall plate height.
  5. INSTALL GUSSETS ON THE RAFTER PEAK: Use O.S.B. to make a gusset and then attach the two peak ends of the rafters together.


Click the link to view the whole tutorial on building shed rafters.

5 - How To Build Storage Shed Walls

WALL FRAMING - CLICK HERE To Learn How To Build Shed Walls And View The How To Build A Shed Walls Tutorial - 17 Photos!

how to build a shed wall framing

Learn how to frame the walls of your storage shed or backyard studio shed. Check out all the photos and information on shed wall framing by clicking the link above or the image to the left.

The shed walls are built after the floor is framed. They sit directly on the floor framing.


  1. MARK THE WALL LINES ON THE SHED FLOOR: Measure in from the edges of the shed floor framing and mark the inside of the wall locations on all the edges of the shed. Verify that the dimension between the marks is the same and that the dimension plus the dimension of the walls adds up to the overall wall lengths.
  2. CUT THE WALL PLATES: Cut the wall plates to length, verify with the plans and the marks on the shed floor. Set them on the shed floor in their respective positions and make sure they are all the righ lengths.
  3. MAKE LAYOUT MARKS ON THE WALL PLATES: Roll the wall plates onto their edges and crown them. Mark the wall stud locations at 16 inches on center.
  4. NAIL THE SHED WALL PLATES TO THE WALL STUDS: Separate the wall plates and set the wall studs between them, each on its respective mark. Crown each of the shed wall studs. Nail the plates to the wall studs.
  5. BUILD THE SHED DOOR HEADER: Assemble the door header by nailing together two 2x6 or 2x4 boards with a piece of 1/2" O.S.B. between them.
  6. PUT THE DOOR OPENING TOGETHER: Nail king studs to the ends of the door header. Set the door header in the wall between the plates where it goes. Nail the plates to the header and the king studs. Install the remaining wall studs on the wall with the door.
  7. STAND THE SHED WALLS: Stand the shed walls and attach them to the shed floor. Align the walls with the marks on the floor and the edges of the shed. Install nails through the bottom plate. Try to hit the floor joists or rim joist with the nails.
  8. INSTALL THE WALL TOP PLATES: After the 4 walls are standing you will install the double top plates. Make sure to overlap the corners to hold them together.


6 - How To Install Siding on Your Storage Shed

SIDING INSTALLATION - CLICK HERE To Learn How To Install Shed Siding And View The How To Build A Shed Siding Tutorial -16 Photos!

how to build a shed siding installLearn how to install siding on your shed. The text and image have links to the full tutorial on putting siding on a shed.


Sheet siding comes in 4'x8' sheets and is the easiest siding to install. It will make the walls of the shed square when installed properly. There are several different sheet siding products so do some research and pick the one that works best for your needs.


  1. VERIFY THE LENGTH TO CUT THE SIDING TO: Measure from 1/2" below the top plate of the walls, so the roof rafters will not hit the siding, down to at least 1 1/2" below the floor sheeting joint. Mark and cut the siding to this length.
  2. INSTALL THE FIRST PIECE OF SIDING: Start at a corner and install the first siding piece. Make it flush with the corner and nail only the corner edge. Move the wall so that it is square and then install other nails to lock the sheet in place and keep the wall square.
  3. ATTACH THE REST OF THE SIDING: Continue installing siding on the shed walls. Make sure that the overlap of the siding edges onto the previous siding piece is aligned properly and nailed together well.
  4. INSTALL SIDING AROUND THE SHED DOORWAY: Our shed doorways require that the siding is held back 1 inch for home built door and is flush with the door opening for pre hung doors.
  5. HOW TO INSTALL "Z" METAL: Flashing that is used on the horizontal siding joints on your shed is called "Z" metal. It is installed on top of the first row of siding and nailed to the wall studs behind the siding.


7 - How To Build A Storage Shed Roof

ROOF FRAMING - CLICK HERE To Learn How To Frame A Shed Roof And View The How To Build A Shed Roof Tutorial - 14 Photos!

how to build a shed roof framing

Framing the shed roof is an exciting part of shed building. Click on the text link above to see more photos and read more about framing your shed roof.

The roof is built by installing the roof trusses or rafters on the wall top plates and then installing the fascia boards and finally the roof sheeting.


  1. MARK THE SHED WALL TOP PLATES RAFTER LOCATIONS: Use a tape measure and mark the rafter or roof truss locations on the wall top plates at 24 inches on center. Make sure to start at the same end of the shed on both walls.
  2. SET THE END RAFTERS: Set the first rafter on the two ends of the shed. Nail them to the plates by toenailing.
  3. INSTALL A GUIDE STRING: Attach a string line between the two roof peaks. This will be used to align all the other truses.
  4. SET THE REMAINING RAFTERS: Set the remaining rafters on the wall plates and align them with the marks on the top plates. Make sure that the peak is in line with the string line. Brace the rafters or trusses using a scrap 2x4 laid on the top chords diagonally and nailed to each rafter.
  5. INSTALL FASCIA ON THE SHED: The fascia is installed onto the ends of the rafter tails. Make sure it is flush with the end trusses and also that the top edge is flush with the top of the top chords of all the rafters so the shed roof sheeting will plane off the trusses or rafters and onto the fascia.
  6. INSTALL ROOF SHEETING: Start at the fascia and align the roof sheeting with the edge of the fascia and the first roof truss.

8 - How To Install Exterior Trim on Your Shed

EXTERIOR TRIM - CLICK HERE To Learn How To Install Shed Exterior Trim And View The How To Build A Shed Exterior Trim TutoriaL - 17 Photos!

how to build a shed trim install

This is an outline of what is done to install exterior trim on your backyard garden shed project. Find our more information and view photos of installing shed trim by clicking on the link above.

Exterior trim is installed to cover up the corner joints, the door opening and the soffit and fascia on the shed roof.


  1. INSTALL FASCIA ON THE EVE AND RAKES OF THE SHED ROOF: The fascia has trim installed on it first so that the eve fascia can run past it. Install the rake wall fascia on the gable ends of the shed after the eves are installed. The angles on the rake rascia will be the same as the roof pitch.
  2. INSTALL THE SOFFIT ON THE ROOF EVES: The soffits are installed behind the fascia. This makes for a nice finish because the fascia boards hanging down provide a nice reveal over the edge of the soffit.
  3. INSTALL CORNER TRIM:The corner trims are installed with the front of the shed trim that is on the front of the shed covering the edge of the corner trim on the adjacent wall.
  4. TRIM THE SHED DOOR OPENING: The shed door opening is trimmed last.

9 -How To Install Asphalt Shingles on Your Shed

ASPHALT SHINGLE ROOFING - CLICK HERE To Learn How To Install Asphalt Roofing Shingles And View The How To Build A Shed Roofing Tutorial - 17 Photos!

how to build a shed asphalt roofing installLearn how to install asphalt shingles on your backyard storage shed or garden studio shed. The link above is to the complete article that includes 17 photos showing all the steps.

Roofing is installed on the shed after the fascia trim is installed so that the drip edge will go over the fascia.


  1. INSTALL ROOF DRIP EDGE: The drip edge is installed on the eve edge first. After the roofing paper is installed you will install the drip edge up the rakes of the shed roof.
  2. INSTALL ROOFING PAPER: The roofing paper is installed starting at the lower edge of the roof. It goes on top of the eve drip edge. The rake drip edge goes on top of the paper. Roofing paper is attached to the roof using plastic cap nails to help it resist tearing.
  3. LINE UP THE SHINGLES AND INSTALL THE STARTER ROW: Use a chalk line to mark parallel horizontal rows about every 12 inches up the roof, starting at the eves. This helps you to visually keep the roof shingles straight. The starter strip is the first row of shingles to be installed. It is nailed on along both edges to keep the first row from peeling up and allowing water under the shingles.
  4. INSTALL THE FIRST 6 ROWS: The shingles are installed per the manufacturers instructions. Do six rows at a time because it takes 6 rows of staggering to make it to the row where you will start over with a full shingle.
  5. CUT ROOFING SHINGLE END OVERHANGS: Cut the overhanging ends every 6 rows so you can visually see the drip edge underneath and make a good cut that is 3/8" overhang.
  6. INSTALL THE REMAINING ROWS: Now you are ready to install the remaining rows. Do 6 rows at a time and cut the ends and stagger the rows as you did previously. Repeat this until you make it to the ridge of the shed roof.
  7. INSTALL THE RIDGE CAP: After installing both sides of the roof you will install a ridge cap of shingles.


10 - How To Build A Storage Shed Door

SHED DOOR - CLICK HERE To Learn How To Build A Shed Door And View The How To Build A Shed Door Tutorial - 18 Photos

how to build a shed doorThis is a quick look at how to build a shed door and hand it on the shed. The link above takes you to the full tutorial about shed door building. It has 18 photos showing the steps to building a shed door.

The door to your storage shed is built after the shed has the trim installed on the exterior. This allows the trim on the door to be flush with the trim on the shed door opening. Remember to build the door on a flat surface so that it is straight when it is completed.

  1. CUT OUT THE PARTS TO BUILD THE SHED DOOR: This door design uses a sandwich construction with an outer and inner panel and 2x4 wood rails between them. This provides a strong door that resists warping.
  2. ATTACH THE REAR DOOR PANEL TO THE DOOR RAILS: Use polymer coated screws to attach the rear panel to the inner door rails.
  3. ATTACH THE FRONT PANEL TO THE DOOR:Use the same polymer coated screws to attach the front panel to the inner door rails. The front panel of the door should be the same siding material used to install siding on the shed.
  4. INSTALL THE DOOR TRIM: Attach trim pieces to the door. They should be flush with the outer door panel edges.
  5. HANG THE DOOR ON THE SHED: Place a 1/2 inch piece of wood in the doorway opening to hold the door off the shed floor while the hinges are attached. Set the door in the opening and make the gap around the door equal on the sides and top. Attach the door hinges. Make sure that the hinge bolt is centered over the joint between the shed door and the trim around the door opening.

View the video above or the text link to the full shed door install instructions.

11 - How To Paint A Shed

PAINT A SHED - CLICK HERE To Learn How To Paint A Shed And View The How To Build A Shed Painting Tutorial

how to build a shed paintingFind out a few simple tricks to help you paint your garden shed. The link above goes to the full tutorial teaching you how to paint a shed.

Painting is the last step in building the exterior of your backyard shed. Paint seals all the gaps and joints and also seals the surface of the lumber used to build the shed.


  1. SET UP THE NAIL HEADS: If you have nail heads sticking up they will need to be set flush with the face of the siding.
  2. INSTALL PRIMER COAT: Primer paint provides a surface that seals and sticks to the siding and trim and helps the paint stick better to the shed. It also is cheaper to buy than paint. Primer can be tinted to the same color as your paint finish color to make it easier to cover when applying the final coat of paint on the shed.
  3. CAULK THE JOINTS AND BLEMISHES: Use a quality exterio caulking to fill in the gaps and nail heads and any other blemishes on the shed where you will be applying paint.
  4. PAINT THE TRIM: The trim is painted first. Apply a good coat or two of paint. The paint can bleed over onto the shed walls.
  5. CUT IN THE PAINT AROUND THE TRIM: Use a trim brush to cut in the main body paint around the wood trim pieces. You can use tape to help give a good clean line between the two paint colors.
  6. PAINT THE MAIN BODY OF THE SHED WALLS: Paint the main body color on the shed. You can use a roller with a heavy knap so it will put the paint into the rough surface on the shed siding.


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