How To Build A Shed

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1 - How To Build A Shed Foundation

FOUNDATION FRAMING - CLICK HERE To Learn How To Build A Shed Foundation - 4 Photos

how to build a shed foundationThese are the highlights on how to build a shed foundation using wood rails. Click the image or text above for more info.

Building the foundation is the first step in building your storage shed.



  1. CUTTING THE RAILS: Cut the rails to the length of the shed floor.The shed foundation rails are pressure treated lumber to help resist deteroriation when in contact with the ground.
  2. LEVEL AND PREPARE THE RAIL BEDS: The dirt or gravel that the foundation rails sit on must be level so that the shed will be level.
  3. SQUARE THE RAILS IN RELATION TO EACH OTHER: Set the wood rails into the rail beds and check them for level and proper distance from each other. Use a tape measure to measure the diagonals from corner to corner. Remember to double check that the two rails are exactly the same length and that they are the same distance from each other.


We also have video tutorials on how to install a shed floor using:

Gravel Bed Foundation in our Lean To Shed Building Tutorial

Concrete Slab foundations

2 - How To Build A Shed Floor

FLOOR FRAMING - CLICK HERE To Learn How To Build A Shed Floor And View The How To Build A Shed Floor Tutorial - 6 Photos!

how to build a shed floor framing

This is a brief explanation of how to build the shed floor framing. See more photos and a complete shed floor building tutorial by clicking the link above.

The shed floor is built by framing the floor joists and rim joists. This assembly is built on top of the treated rails. You can also build this out of pressure treated or steel studs and set them directly on top of a level gravel bed.