10×16 Cape Cod Style Shed With A Porch Built in Mississippi

This amazing shed was built to house pool equipment. This shed is in our Garden Shed Plans line and has a 4′ x 16′ porch on the front of the shed. It was built on a concrete slab. Part of the concrete slab was left out to allow the installation of pump equipment lines. The rest of the shed interior is for storage space for typical backyard storage of yard tools and bicycles.
A double door was added under the porch to allow easy access for larger equipment to the interior of the shed because the double door on the end of the storage shed pump house will have pump equipment blocking the doorway. The end door allows easy access to the pump equipment.10x16 cape cod shed with porch garden shed design

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4×8 Lean To Shed Built In Garden City Kansas

This 4×8 lean to shed was built to house pump electrical equipment. It was built around an existing power pole. This is a great example of a shed built to store permanant equipment like a water pump, electrical or solar inverter or batteries.

The small backyard shed was built to enclose the existing permanent electrical pole which could not be easily moved. There are many shed designs that would fit this application including the gable sheds and gambrel shed plans.

To see plans to this and many other backyard lean to shed plans please visit our site.

Lean To Shed Plan Front Elevation

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10×12 Modern Backyard Shed Built in Burbank, California!

This well built 10×12 modern shed design has a few owner installed modifications like moving the doorway to the opposite end of the shed and window size changes.

The owner/ builder said:

“I just wanted to send along some pictures of the completed shed I built from iCreatables plans.
The shed is totally solid, robust and looks great! Everyone who sees it is impressed and wishes they had one of their own.
The plans were clear and the materials sheet was very useful— very little waste.
I changed the windows a bit and reversed the side of the door, and it was all pretty easy to adapt the plans to my wishes… I used cement Hardie-board for the exterior and galvanized metal for the roof to comply with fire codes here in the L.A. area. I did not get a permit for this shed, as my research and a phone call to building and safety indicated that sheds up to 120 sq. ft. are allowed without a permit. I plan to install a nice interior and add electricity and use the space as a little arts and crafts workshop and generally cool hangout space.  I have a feeling my daughter will be taking it over once it’s tricked out and I might not be getting much time in it!

Anyway— thanks for the plans, they were worth every penny and more, and your help with questions was appreciated.”

The modern shed is a great way to add studio or office space to your backyard! You can find plans to this and many other styles and sizes of modern studio sheds at http://www.icreatables.com/sheds/shed-plans.html

There are many more pictures of this shed at http://www.icreatables.com/sheds/shed-owners-picture-gallery.html

10x12 modern shed plans front upper windows

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4×8 Lean To Shed Built in Boulder Colorado

This very detailed lean to shed is a great example of our most popular lean to shed design. It was built up against an existing garage. One of the unique aspects of this shed build was that it was moved closer to the adjacent garage wall after construction. The owner/builder used 3/4″ pvc pipes and rolled the shed up against the garage wall after the back wall of the shed was framed, trimmed and painted.

For more photos of this lean to shed please visit our Shed Owners Picture Gallery.

You can see and purchase the plans to this and many other lean to sheds on our website at Lean To Shed Plans. You will also find many lean to shed designs and sizes.

4x8 lean to shed built from plans by iCreatables.com

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4×8 Firewood Shed Built in Madison Connecticut

Built in Connecticut, this beautiful firewood shed is a great way to store one cord of firewood. This firewood shed design allows for air movement around the wood. The floor is designed with 1 inch gaps between the floor boards and the front of the shed is left open to allow unrestricted air flow. The slight roof overhang on the front of the shed keeps water away from the wood and the large front opening allows easy access to the wood pile.

This firewood shed was built from our firewood shed plan library on iCreatables.com  You can view more pictures in our owners shed photo gallery.

4x8 firewood shed built in Connecticut front elevation

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3×6 Lean To Shed Built Against The Home

A beautifully crafted 3×6 Lean To Shed Plan has been built up against a house. This shed construction is a great example of how to build a shed up against a house and have the shed wall that is touching the house painted and finished before it is stood up. This is done because the walls are only a few inches apart which makes it impossible to paint the wall after it is stood up.

The Owner/Builder said: “Greetings: I ordered plans for a little 3 X 6 foot shed last June, and believe it or not, it is finally finished.  I LOVE it!  The long delay was certainly not due to any problem with your plans, which are excellent.  We live on a farm, so summer is always very busy, then we had an unusually wet August, September and early October which caused rain delays, but at long last it’s finished.  We even had enough leftover materials to build the shelving.  The kitty thinks it was built especially for her.

The only significant adjustment we made was to install a metal roof, both to match all the other farm buildings here and to make it last just about forever in spite of our blazing sun and occasional violent hailstorms.  It is situated at the back of my small mobile home, and I painted it to match, so I think you will agree that it looks great.

Thanks so much for your prompt services and for sending additional plans so we could make a smaller doorway.  I’m going to put this on my farm blog with a recommendation for you.”

You can find plans to this and many more Lean To Shed Plans on our website www.icreatables.com

3x6 Lean To Shed Plans Built On The Farm

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16×24 Gambrel Shed Built In Colorado!

Check out this masterfully built Large Gambrel shed built in Windsor Colorado!

Several modifications were made to the small barn plans. The owner/builder said: “As you can see I made a few modifications to the plan, extended the 2nd story floor the entire length (left a 4’x5’ access hole on left side) and added a 2nd story door and 3 smaller windows.  Your plans have been great, everyone asks if I bought a “kit” I tell them no just good plans and stick built.”

The shed was built with a dirt floor and the walls are supported by a wood rail foundation.

You can view more photos for this shed on our Shed Owners Picture Page.

16x24 gambrel shed or small barn plans front elevation

16×24 Gambrel Shed Plans Front Elevation

iCreatables.com is the worlds largest and most comprehensive shed plans designer. Visit our site and see all of our different shed plans and styles.

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8×8 Gable Shed Plans Built In Halifax Massachusetts

Check out this beautifully built 8×8 Gable Shed. It has had a window added to one of the  side walls. You can view our shed video on how to frame and install a shed window.

The owner/builder said: “Still needs another coat of paint but will have to wait til spring unless we get some warm days. I learned so much by building this. Never used a circular, miter, or sawzall before. Never framed or roofed, put in a window, door. Never even painted anything. Your plans were excellent! Videos were great!”

This is a great example of how building your own shed can help you learn and build your own backyard shed! You can find the plans to this and many other sheds on our Shed Plans pages

8x8 garden shed plans

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8×12 Gable Shed Built In Ontario Canada

Check out this finely detailed shed built in Ontario Canada! It has double doors installed on the longer side wall. The 8×12 gable storage shed is a great sized storage shed that gives lots of storage space in just under a 100 square foot print.

It has had a shed ramp built at the doorway to allow easier access for rolling equipment like a lawnmower and bicycles. You can find the plans to build a ramp for your storage shed here: How To Build A Shed Ramp

The plans for this and many other 8×12 storage sheds can be found on our 8×12 shed plans pages on iCreatables.com

This is the photo of the completed 8×12 backyard storage shed.

8x12 Backyard storage shed

8×12 Backyard Storage Shed

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4×8 Firewood Shed Built In Etobicoke Ontario

One of our most popular firewood shed plans has been masterfully built by its proud new owner in Ontario. It features a short front roof to keep the snow runoff on the front side of the shed to a minimum.

The owner/builder said “The shed was built in about 5 days except for the metal roof. … The roof looks great, however if I were building a shed again,  I would use asphalt shingles on sheathing to avoid the hassle. The plans were great very detailed and very useful.”

There was a kindling loft built to keep kindling up out of the way of the firewood stacked on the floor of the shed.  You can find plans to this and several other sizes of firewood shed plans at http://www.icreatables.com/sheds/shed-plans-firewood.html

Firewood Storage Shed Plans

4×8 Firewood Shed Plans from iCreatables.com

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