How To Build A Shed Part 4 – How To Build Shed Roof Rafters

This week we are sharing the how to build shed roof rafters video. In it we build the roof rafters for a 8 foot wide shed. It describes the measuring and cutting of the rafter seat and birds mouth cuts as well as the ridge cut. You will also see how to build a jig on the shed floor to help you build all the rafters to exactly the same size. Learning how to build the roof rafters is a very simple process when you follow the easy steps outlined in this shed building video.

Please view this video on our website at . On you can also view several other How To Build A Shed resources including a tutorial and our eBook that is free with every shed plan purchase.

how to build shed roof rafters

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How To Build A Shed Part 3 – How To Install Floor Sheeting

Check out our how to install floor sheeting video. It shows you how to install 4×8 sheets of tongue and groove sub floor on the shed floor joists. This installation technique can be used on any sized shed. Our shed building video series is designed to help you build your shed. It is a great resource to help you learn how to build a shed.

You can view this video on the iCreatables website at . You will also find several other shed building resources such as our How To Build A Shed eBook and our internet based shed building instructions.

How To Build A Shed Floor Sheeting

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How To Build A Shed Part 2 – How To Frame a Shed Floor

This week we are sharing our latest how to frame a shed floor video. It is from our 8×10 gable shed plans but the same framing techniques are used to frame a shed floor for any sized shed. Learning how to build a shed is easy when following our new video series and using our shed plans. We show you every detail to help you complete the project. Thanks for watching!

You can view the video on our website at There are many other How to Build a Shed resources on our website including a eBook that has information on many different shed types that shows you how to frame things like a gambrel shed roof, or a lean to shed.

how to frame a shed floor - installing floor joists


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How To Build A Shed Part 3 – How To Build A Shed Foundation

The first video in our How To Build A Shed Video series teaches you how to build a shed foundation. The wood rail foundation is the most common shed foundation type. It consists of pressure treated wood rails that sit on the ground, preferably a crushed gravel base to allow drainage away from the shed. In this video we show you how to level the rails with each other and also how to square them so the shed floor framing sitting on the rails is square. You can view the video on our how to build a shed page here:

There are many other shed building videos to help you learn things like how to frame walls and how to install asphalt shingles on your new shed.

how to build a shed foundation


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Our How To Build A Shed Videos are complete and ready to be viewed! We have separated the steps to build a shed into easy to follow parts. You can view each of the videos on our website How To Build A Shed page at or on our Youtube channel at . We have the worlds most comprehensive shed building library including a fully illustrated eBook that you can download and a video series. We also have a huge library of all sizes and styles of backyard and garden storage sheds.

How To Build A Backyard Shed Video Series

How To Build A Backyard Shed Video Series

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Check out these great pictures and comments we received from Jeremy in Michigan.


Just wanted to send you guys some photos of my completed, 4X8 woodshed design I bought from your site.

On a scale 1 to 10 of being a carpenter, I’d say I’m a 6 or 7, but even the lowest level carpenter could build one of these. Real simple plans to follow and getting the material for the project was rather simple. I see a lot of others chose to do a shingled roof, I stuck with what the plans called for (metal). It was the first metal roof I ever installed, so I learned a little about what “purlins” are and the different types of trim that is used for a metal roof.

All in all, it turned out good. I chose to lay out the foundation first (gravel and 4×4 posts), then build my frame in the garage before moving it to its location.

If I had time, I would of just built it all on site, but time prevented me from doing it all in a few days….it took me a few weeks. But this could of easily been done in 1 to 2 days tops!

Thanks again for the design, I have the shed already filled..just in time for winter!


in Michigan

4x8 firewood shed plans from

Click on this link to view more pictures of this beautiful backyard firewood storage shed.

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Our newest shed plan line is designed to help you build backyard sheds that need to comply with lower shed height requirements. Many building jurisdictions have limits on the height of backyard storage sheds. The short shed plans are designed with height limits of either 8 feet or 6 feet to help you build within the parameters of your local building requirements.

A shed height restriction of 8 feet is accomplished by reducing the roof slope to a 2 in 12 pitch. The foundation is also built on metal studs and crushed gravel which eliminates the need for foundation rails. This reduces the shed height by over 5 inches.

Visit our shed plans library at and find the perfect shed design to help you customize your storage needs.

8x8 shed with 8 foot tall height

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Check out these great pictures of a newly completed modern shed in southern California! This is a great example of what you can do to create your own professional studio work space or home office space in your back yard. Attention to details like wood flooring, window and door trims, lighting, electrical wiring and three tone paint add up to a beautiful work space that makes easy to go to work or play! Creating a work space in your back yard that is detached from the main house allows you to get away from the energy inside the home and have a private space to work. Check out even more photos of this great project on our owners shed building photos page. You can also find the plans to this and many more styles of on our modern shed plans pages.

modern studio shed plans

Backyard modern shed built in southern California!

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Our latest run in shed has a huge 8′ x 10′ tack room! This run in horse barn is build using wood construction. It has a 3′ x 7′ door to the tack room which boasts 80 square feet of storage space which is large enough to hold a generous amount of horse care and riding equipment. It has our classic horse barn roof design that has a 4/12 pitch roof with the roof ridge line moved towards the front to allow the front of the horse barn opening to be higher to allow larger horses to enter the run in portion of the shed with plenty of headroom. We have many other styles of horse barns to choose from. You can view this horse barn at our website.

10x12 Run In Shed With 10x8 Tack Room

10×12 Run In Shed With 10×8 Tack Room

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We have recently completed the building of a 8×10 garden shed. We documented every step of the process to help shed builders around the world understand all the details that go into building a back yard shed. This video is a condensed version of all the videos. It shows every major step in the shed building process including setting the foundation, framing the floor, framing the walls, installing the siding, building rafters, building the roof framing, roofing install, painting, door building and painting.

Check out our YouTube channel icreatablestv

building a backyard shed time lapse video

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