12×16 Gambrel Shed Built in Cocoa Florida

This weeks shed was built in Cocoa, Florida!

It is an 12×16 Gambrel shed with the 6068 15 lite double door on the gable wall of the shed.

The owner/builder said: “I will say everyone that sees the shed loves it, and we like the red so much, we are going to … paint our house the same color. I actually built the shed like my house, wood frame, osb sheeting, then Hardie board siding. Took some extra work, but the end result was well worth it, now that it’s done anyway.”

This is a well built shed that used cement board siding and trim materials to build a barn shed that would look great in any backyard!

You can view the plans to this and other backyard barn shed plans here.

12x16 gable shed plans front

12×16 Gable Shed Plans Front Elevation

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8×8 Lean To Shed Built In British Columbia

This 8×8 lean to shed, built in British Columbia.

The shed was challenging to build because of the sloping site and the need to build it up against an existing fence. To do this the wall was framed, siding installed and painted before it was stood up.

The owner/builder said: “…It’s turned out great so far, despite my limited skills!  It has been challenging, because of the uneven slope in my yard. But everything is level…”

“I’ve attached some photographs. As you can see from them, it was a bit of a challenging build because of the sharply sloping land where I built it. I think it turned out really well.  Many thanks for the excellent plans. They were easy to understand and comprehensive, allowing even a beginner like me to build a great shed.”

Check out the plans to this and many other lean to shed plan sizes on our site iCreatables.com.


8x8 lean to shed front elevation

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3×10 Lean To Shed Built in Monument Colorado

This shed is a 3×10 Lean To Shed that has several owner added modifications. To comply with their local building restrictions the height of the shed was kept at the height of the adjacent fence. The siding is lap siding and the roof slope was modified to keep the overall height of the roof low. The builder said “Thanks a lot for the great plans… The wife thanks you all because now she can park her truck in the garage for the winter!”

Our storage sheds offer a great way to get additional backyard storage. Check out all of our lean to shed plans on our website at https://www.icreatables.com/sheds/shed-plans-lean-to.html

3x10 Lean To Shed

3×10 Lean To Shed

eral upgraded features! It has

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12×20 Modern Shed Built in New Mexico

This 12×20 Modern Shed was built in New Mexico! It has several custom modifications such as the addition of windows on the front elevation, removing the upper winodws, installing the door on the left side of the shed and extending the eves on the shed roof.

Modern sheds are a great way to add private office space to your back yard. The owner of this shed said “Here is a photo of what we built.  We really appreciated the plans.  Melissa”

12x20 Modern shed plans front elevations

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16×24 Gable Shed Built in Clarksville Tennessee

One of our largest shed plans has been built in Tennessee! The owner/builder said “Here are the pictures of my 16X24 shed.  This was the first shed I built and the plans were great.  Thanks for your assistance with this project.” Anthony

This shed is a great way to add a large storage or work space to your back yard. At 384 square feet you will have plenty of room to work in!.

16x24 gable shed front. Large Backyard Shed

16×24 gable shed front. Large Backyard Shed

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10×16 Gambrel Shed Built in Meridian, ID

Check out this 1016 Gambrel Shed Plan that was built in Meridian Idaho. The builder said it took about 4 days to build and paint. They modified the door size to 42 inches. There are two 4′ x 10′ lofts, one on each end of the shed with an opening in the center. They are planning on installing a spiral staircase to get up to the loft area.

The shed roofing is architectural shingles.

10x16 Gambrel Shed front elevation. Little Red Barn

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10×14 Gable Shed Plans Built In Bloomington, MN

This beautiful 10×14 Gable Shed was built in Bloomington, MN. I has had a few modifications. This is what the owner says about the shed.

Just thought I’d drop you a note and let you know that my son-in-law and I finished the shed. Started on 7/9 and finished on 8/8, so about 4 weeks.

10x14 Gable Shed Front

We made a few modifications to the plans. The biggest one is that we went with longer rafter tails as we needed to have the drip line be a certain distance away from the shed. This required us to use something different for the soffit, so we used the same rough sawn plywood that we used for the siding.  Another big change is that we went with full 8′ studs in the walls to give maximum interior height. As I’m sure you know, this means that the sidewalls had to be pieced together above the 8′ mark. We inserted blocking between the studs as a backing for the z-channel we used. We kept the upper level siding 1/8″ above the z-channel so it didn’t sit in water. We modified the end rafters so that we could put in a square gable vents. And since I tend to overbuild, all of the rafters were secured with hurricane ties (Simpson H10AZ) and I used twice as many A23′s as the [plans called for (including some to hold the end rafters in place). The floor is ¾” tongue and groove treated plywood. The building inspector said we had to tie the shed down at 4 points, so we used 30″ auger stakes at each corner and tied them with steel cable to stainless steel eye bolts running through the 2×8 rim joist. We also added windows to the doors (along with more internal framing for them) and a side window. The doors weighed a TON when we got them done, but they look great. Six 8″ heavy duty strap hinges handle the doors just fine. I used a locking t-handle system on the right door along with a spring bolt on top of the left door and a foot bolt at the bottom of the left door. The five foot wide, ¾” thick ramp is underpinned with 4 supports as my son-in-law intends to one day put a 4-wheeler in the shed.

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12×16 Garage Door Shed Plans

A great build of a 12×16 shed with a garage door is shown below. This beautiful shed was built in Marshall Minnesota this summer. The owner said:

“I purchased 12 x 16 shed plans from your site last year. Attached are a couple pictures of the completed shed. Thanks,”

The 12×16 garage door shed plans assist you in building a shed with an opening for a 8′ wide by 7′ tall garage door. The plans give details showing the door opening for the shed built on either the long or short walls.

Visit our website to see this and other garage door shed plans. Our garage door  shed plans page is at: http://www.icreatables.com/sheds/shed-plans-garage.html12x16 garage door shed plans front elevation

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8×12 Gable Shed Shed

This beautifully built shed was constructed in Virginia! This is what the owner said about his new shed:
“I thought I would send some pictures of the shed I built with your plans. The plans were great and the videos showed me every step of the process. I probably watched every video a dozen or more times. I added 10-3/4 inches to the wall height so that I didn’t have to cut the 8′ siding panels. The added height let me put in a nice loft and keep the shed organized. I definitely would not have been able to do it without the plans and videos. Everyone thinks it looks great and is impressed I built it from scr8x12-G-gable-shed-plansatch. I can’t say enough about how helpful the videos were. Thanks, Ramsey”

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4×12 Firewood Shed Plans

Here is a photo of our 4×12 firewood shed sent to us from Leland, Michigan. This shed is a great way to keep all your firewood in one spot where it can stay dry all winter long without cluttering up your yard. Check out the rest of our firewood shed plans here: http://www.icreatables.com/sheds/shed-plans-firewood.html

4x12 Firewood Shed Plans front elevation

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