4×6 Firewood Shed Built in North Carolina

This beautifully built and finished firewood shed was built in North Carolina! It is finished with wood stain and brown corrugated fiber/asphalt roofing! The 4×6 firewood shed stores just over 3/4 a cord of wood! The floor is designed so that air can move from the cool shaded space below the floor and up through the wood to the warmer area on top of the wood and out the front opening. This promotes well seasoned wood and reduces the chance of mold and rot. The front opening is designed to make it easy to access the wood.

The owner/builder said: “Here are pictures from my 4×6 shed build from your plans. I enjoyed the project, learned plenty, and it gave me the confidence to take on a larger storage shed in the near future. Thank you!”

Gordon, High Point, NC

You can find the plans to this and many other firewood shed plans on our site at iCreatables.com

Check out more photos on our shed building pictures pages: 

4x6 firewood shed plans

4×6 Firewood shed built in North Carolina


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12×16 Small Barn Gambrel Shed Built In Ohio

This 12×16 gambrel shed was built in Cincinnati Ohio. The small gambrel barn is the perfect way to add a major amount of storage or work space to your backyard. It has a loft area that is 12×12′ which adds an additional 144 square feet of storage space. The main floor has 192 square fee, so together there is about 336 square feet of storage area. The loft area in our shed designs is framed below the top plates to maximize the storage height in the loft area. The head room on the main level is 7′ and the headroom in the loft of the shed is  over 5′-6″.

We have the worlds largest gambrel shed plan database, view it here:


Check out more photos of this beautiful garden shed design here:


12x16 gambrel shed loft framing

12×16 gambrel shed loft framing


12x16 Gambrel Shed Plans Completed

12×16 Gambrel Shed Plans Completed

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Portable Propane Generator Enclosure Plans

This generator enclosure was built to house a propane generator. It has two sets of doors to allow plenty of access to the generator. The single end door is a great way to pull the generator in and out of the shed and the double front doors are used to change out the propane tanks and access the generator controls.

The owner/builders said:

“Hi, Please find enclosed pictures of our generator shed that we built with your plans.  We are very proud!  We put stones around the outside to keep the fresh dirt down.  The metal roof is hinged and opens up too.  …  Your videos and personal support have made these projects possible.

Thanks, Doreen”

Find the plans to this and other generator enclosures on our website at http://www.icreatables.com/sheds/shed-plans-generator.html

You can view more photos of this generator enclosure here: http://www.icreatables.com/sheds/shed-owners-picture-gallery.html

portable propane generator shed plans

Portable propane generator shed plans with doors open.

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4×8 Lean To Shed Boat Storage Plan

This lean to shed design was built to house beach and boating equipment. It is built close to the water and the lift that helps put the boat into the water. It was built on a concrete slab that has an apron extending out in front of the shed to allow space for working or simply hanging out. The large double doors allow an almost 6 foot wide space to move items in and out of the shed.

Our backyard storage sheds are used to store just about anything that will fit through the doors so check out all of our lean to shed designs here:

You can find more shed plan photos here.

Lean To Shed Plans for boat storage.

Backyard shed boat equipment storage


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Building a Lean To Shed In Connecticut!

This shed was built in a single day by a group doing a service project. It is our 4×8 lean to shed plan which is one of our most popular shed plan styled and sizes. You can view plans for the 4×8 shed plans here. The lean to storage shed was built using traditional framing methods including 2×4 stud walls laid out at 16 inches on center, grooved plywood siding, pre-hung doors, asphalt shingle roof and a framed floor. The pressure treated shed foundation rails were laid on crushed gravel bed to provide good drainage.

All of our lean to and modern shed plans are designed so the the front and side walls of the shed are the same height and the tall wall is taller. Building a shed this way removes the need to frame the side walls with a sloping top plate which makes it much easier to frame the side walls.

Check out more photos of this an other sheds in our Owners Shed Photo Gallery.

4x8 lean to shed build.

4×8 lean to shed build.

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8×12 Backyard Shed Built in Mobile Alabama!

This Backyard Shed Plan was built in Mobile Alabama. It is our 8×12 Gable style shed. This shed comes with the option to put the door on either the gable end of the shed or the eve wall of the shed. The owner built it with the door on the eve wall.

They customized their shed by installing a window next to the door way. Windows can be installed on sheds just about any where there is room for one. There is information on how to install a window in the instructions that come with every shed. You can also find out more about installing shed windows by watching our How To Install Shed Windows Video.

Plans for this and other Backyard Sheds can be found here .

8x12 Backyard Shed Plans

8×12 Backyard Shed Plans


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8×12 Gambrel Shed Built in Ontario Canada

This gambrel shed has been built in Ontario Canada.

The owner/builder said: “I added exactly one foot of height, (still about 5 inches below my local bylaw for a permit), Added a loft that is 4′ deep and with 6 feet of clearance underneath (I am 5′ 10″ so its perfect for me, the short mans special).

Splitting the door works better for me. I don’t normally need such a  large door, but have the option to open the small one (the large door is 3′ wide, with the small on just under 10.5″ wide with slide bolts top and bottom to allow locking),
I was able to get two windows for less the $40 so I put them in adding a lot of light. (the 4×4 cross supports were something I had for free or I would have used 2x4s.
Added roof ties. I only put a vent on the one end of the shed to ensure no water found its way into the loft area, so I installed a roof vent.
The small wood shed was build with the leftover material.
The one side is on a 6×6 beam, the other is 3 4x4s that are 5 feet deep, with two 2×6 laminated together due to the ground dropping off about 3.5′ from side to side. ”

These modifications make the shed a very customized design. Built for the owners specific needs. Our original 8×12 plans can be found on our shed plans website.

“I would like to say that the shed was much easier  to build with your plans, the measurements for the gable were exact, and the technics helped a lot! the material list made it easy at the lumber yard! ” Check out more photos at http://www.icreatables.com/sheds/shed-owners-picture-gallery.html

8x12 Small Barn Shed Plans

8×12 Small Barn Shed Plans

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Modern Shed Plan Updates!

We just finished updating another modern shed plan. The 10×12 modern backyard shed design has had the roof overhang extended and the window size increased. This beautiful modern shed design can be used as a studio, a back yard office or a modern storage shed.

Check out the modern shed design


Modern Shed Plans

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8×12 Garden Shed With A Porch – Cape Cod Style Built in Novo Scotia!

This 8×12 Garden shed is a great example of a DIY project. It was built mostly by two sisters who had little prior experience building! Built as a small cabin in the far north it is tightly constructed and ready for winter. The Cape cod style and green paint help this shed blend into its forested surrounding perfectly.

Building a shed porch is simple with our one piece roof rafter and shed porch truss design. It is built in one piece and set on the shed walls and porch beam. Adding details like battens to the siding and architectural roof shingles completes this sheds beautiful look.

You can find more photos of this and other garden sheds on our Owners Picture Page.

The plans to this and many other garden shed plans can be found here:

8x12 Cape Cod Garden Shed With Porch

8×12 Cape Cod Garden Shed With Porch

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8×8 Modern Shed Built In Florida!

This beautifully finished shed is an 8×8 Modern Shed Plan that has had a few modifications. It has had a few windows moved and added and the front door moved a bit. The exterior siding is lap siding installed over the 7/16″ O.S.B. This backyard Studio sheds interior is finished as a storage shed. The front door of the shed has had a small porch landing added.

Modern sheds are a great way to have a back yard that looks beautiful and compliments any backyard storage or studio office situation. You can view the plans to this shed on our modern shed plans page here:

Modern Shed Plans

8×8 Modern Shed Built in Florida

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