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Large Shed Plans

Building a Large Shed is a great way to add additional storage or work space to your yard or garden. Our extensive large shed plan library is filled with many different designs and sizes to help you build the perfect storage or workspace.

Large Shed Plans are typically 100 square feet or more. We have plans up to 384 square feet. All of our big shed plans all have a regular height residential home door and many of them come with the option to build a home built door. The larger shed plans have a double door. Click on any of the shed images below to view large storage shed plans examples and ordering information.

Shed Wall Heights

All of our large shed plans come with a taller wall that will allow you to install a regular residential home door. This makes it easier to install the shed door. There are two wall heights that come standard with many of our large shed plans, either 7'-7" or 8'-1".

The 7'-7" wall height allows you to install the shed siding with one piece going from the top pate down to over the bottom plate to floor connection to keep water out of the shed. It also allows you to build the door and window headers without the need for additional blocking above the header. If you want to build the walls using 82-5/8" pre cut framing studs you will end up with a wall height that is about 8'-1". This wall framing gives you a taller shed wall height and requires the use of "Z" metal flashing and blocking at the horizontal joints of the siding.

Available Large Shed Plan Wall Heights

The 7'-7" wall height allows the shed walls to be built with a double top plate and 2x6 header above the door and no additional blocking above the 6' -10 1/2" door rough opening. This allows the shed door to be installed on any wall of the shed with the reassurance of the strength of a double 2x6 header. The wall height being lower than 8' also allows the 8' shed siding to be installed, and overhang the bottom 1 1/2", without any siding joints. This reduces the flashing and siding materials needed to build the shed. It also makes the shed walls much easier to buld.

The 8'-1" shed wall height is used when you want to use a standard pre-cut framing stud that is 92 5/8" long. This is the standard height of a residential home ceiling. The 8'-1" allows 8' sheets of drywall to be installed on the inside and still have some wiggle room at the floor. Large shed plans often use this height because of the simplicity of using the pre cut boards on all the walls. It does require a siding joint, and blocking and flashing on the joints at the 8' level.

Our shed plans often come with details showing the 7'-7" wall height and then have notes instructing to use pre-cut studs for the 8'-1" wall height.

Shed Door Options

We have two door options with our large shed plans. First you can use a factory built pre-hung door on any of our sheds. This allows you to quickly install the door of your choice. These doors are the same doors used in residential homes and fit perfectly into the rough opening specified on all of our large storage shed plans. If you want to make your own doors the large shed plans also come standard with door plans to fit the same rough opening. The only modification to the shed is installing a 2x4 trimmer around the perimeter of the shed door opening. So whichever door you plan to use we have a shed door solution for you.

The large shed plan styles available are the classic gable shed, lean to shed, barn shed, gambrel shed and shed plans with garage doors.

Large Roof Shed Designs

There are many different design styles to choose from including the basic 4 in 12 sloped roof on our common shed plans, a 10 in 12 slope roof on our Cape Cod style and Colonial style sheds, a 12 in 12 slope on our Nantucket styles. The gambrel shed roof provides a multi slope roof that increases the storage space inside the shed. The gable shed is the most common style of shed plan and can be found on our regular shed designs as well as the Cape Cod and Colonial sheds. The Lean to has a single slope roof.

Lean To Shed Plans

Building a large lean to shed is a great way to build a simple large shed with a low roof line. Our larger lean to shed plans come with a low slope 2 in 12 pitch roof design. The roof can have either asphalt shingles or metal roofing installed. These lean to designs are great for building a large shed and keeping the roof line and construction costs down.

Large Barn Shed Plans

The barn shed is popular both on the farm and in the back yard. Its good looks and extra storage capacity make it a classic storage shed solution.

The large gambrel barn shed designs include plans showing you how to build the loft which adds storage space above the main floor area.

Shed Garage Plans

Having a large roll up garage door on one or both ends of your storage shed make it easy to move large things in and out of the shed. Several of our large storage shed plans are designed with a overhead garage door. These plans include details showing you how to frame the opening so it is ready for the door to be installed. Please view our Owners Shed Pictures Gallery to see examples of garage doors installed on sheds.

Start Planning and Building a Large Shed Today!
Building your large shed should be an enjoyable experience and we have the plans and expertise to help you get the job done. Each shed plan comes with our How To Build a Shed instruction manual that takes you through the steps of building the different shed styles and designs. Learn more about our shed plan styles in the selections above by clicking on the respective sheds More Info button.