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We provide outdoor shed plans that are affordable and easy to build from. Our storage shed plans are organized so that you can buy shed plans and build your own shed no matter what your skill level. There are helpful how to build instructions and tips that go along with each stage of the storage building process from the foundation, floor, walls to the roof. Building your own shed saves you money and is a very rewarding experience that adds value to your property. Click the shed images above to view our library of over 200 storage shed plans.

See a time lapse of a complete shed building project!

Backyard Outdoor Shed Plans

Our backyard storage shed plans are defined by their cost effective quality construction and simple to build designs. Their construction includes 2x4 framed walls, T1-11 grooved plywood siding, asphalt roofing and a strong sandwich construction door. You can buy shed plans with different pitches of roof slopes The lower pitched roof and simple trim make them easy and inexpensive to build. If you are looking for storage shed plans that are designed to be easy to build from and as cost effective as possible, the backyard shed plan line is your best choice.

FREE 8x10 Gable Shed Plans!

Free step by step plans to build a 8x10 gable shed! Click Here to See Video of This Shed Being Built How To Build A Shed!

8x10 Shed Plans

We are excited to show you this shed building project. It is a great example of what you can build in your own yard or garden!

This is a great sized shed to store many things both large and small. It has a 4' wide doorway which makes it easy to fit a lawn mower and most other yard and garden tools or bicycles.

We built this shed last fall and are excited to share it with you. So check out our build photos and plans below.

The first step, after planning, is to lay the foundation rails. Our plans recommend that the shed rails be set on crushed gravel to make it easier to level the ground and to improve the drainage away from the wood. We did not use gravel because this shed was moved after it was built.

We marked the floor joist locations on the rim joists and then set them on the foundation rails. The floor joists are set between the rim joists and naild on their respective marks.

Check the floor framing for square before installing the floor sheeting. This is done by measuring diagonally from corner to corner and moving one of the rim boards until the two measurements are the same.

Installing the floor sheeting is done by applying glue to the tops of the floor joists and then setting the 3/4" floor sheeting on it. Make sure that the sheet is square with the floor joists and then nail it on. We use 8d galvanized nails to install the floor sheeting. This keeps the nails from rusting.

The rafters are built next. It is easiest to build the rafters on the shed floor before the walls are built because:

It makes a clean and flat working surface. It is the perfect width to check the size of the raftersThe rafer dimension marks can be drawn and followed on the floor. You can attach blocks to the shed floor to make a jig so that all your rafter angles are exactly the same.

Building the walls comes next! When you buy our shed plans you will get wall framing diagrams that show where every board in the walls goes and how long it is. The wall top and bottom plates are laid out at 16" on center just like the floor josits. Make sure to crown each of the wall studs so the wall is uniform in shape.

Nailing the wall plates to the wall studs. Make sure to nail the studs on the correct side of the layout marks!

The door header is assembled and installed on the 8' wall. Trimmers are installed on each end of the header to hold it up.

After all the walls are framed they are stood up and attached to the floor of the shed and to each other. We do not worry about squaring them at this time. They will be made square when we put the siding on.

Attaching the siding is done after standing the walls to square up the shed walls before the roof is built. We used pre-primed grooved siding.

Setting the roof rafters is done after all the siding is attached to the shed walls. The rafter locations are marked on the top plates. The end rafters are set first and a string line pulled between them so you can make sure to set all the shed roof rafters the same so the roof sheeting will be flat when it is attached.

The roof sheeting is installed after the fascia is nailed to the rafter ends. The successive rows are staggered with the ones below. Make sure that the ends of the sheeting share half of the tops of the rafters.

When installing the trim on the shed the eve fascia is installed first and then the rakes of the roof.

The corner trim is installed after the roof fascia and soffits are installed. The soffits should be installed before the corner trim so the corner trim can butt up against it.

The door is trimmed last.

We used 25 year asphalt shingles on the shed roof. The steps to installing the roofing are to"

To see a detailed description of how to install aspahlt shingles on a shed roof see our How To Page.

We built the shed door next.

Hanging the door is one of the easiest parts of building the shed. We set a spacer on the door threshold to maintain the reveal spacing around the door and set the door on it. After making the reveals on all sides of the door the same we attached the door hinges.

Painting the shed is the last step. We used a two tone paint to give the shed a backyard barn look.

8x10 Shed Plans

We really enjoyed building our shed. It is always a satisfying experience to build something. Especially when it is as useful as a backyard storage shed.

phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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These plans are from our backyard shed collection. It is one of our simpler sheds to build because the door is a single door and the wall height is low enough to be covered with single pieces of siding.

Free Shed Plans


9 - T1-11 Siding 4'x8'x 1/2"
12 - 1x4 Trim 8'
6 - 1x6 Trim 10'
4 - Metal drip edge 1-1/2"x1-1/2" "x10'
1 roll - 15 lb. roofing felt
1.3 squares - 25 year asphalt shingles 130 sf

2 - 4x6 Skid, treated 10'-0"

9 - 2x6 Floor Joist 8'
2 - 2x6 Rim Joist 10'-0"
3 - O.S.B. T.&G. 4'x8'x 3/4"
8 - Simpson A23 Clip

29 - 2x4 Lumber 8'-0"
6 - 2x4 Wall Plate, short 8'-0"
6 - 2x4 Wall Plate, long 10'-0"
2 - 2x4 Trimmer 8'-0"
1 - 2x6 Header 10'-0"
4ft. x 8ft. Textured Plywood Siding, See exterior materials

6 - 2x4 Rafter 10'-0"
4 - O.S.B. roof sheeting 4'x8'x 1/2"
O.S.B. gusset material use scrap
2 - 2x4 Sub Facia 10'

FASTENERS (see door plans for door fasteners)
2 lbs - 8d Coated Sinker
4 lbs. - 12d Coated Sinker
6 lbs. - 8d Galvanized
1 lbs. - 6d
2 lbs. - 1 1/4" long, 12 gauge, 3/8" head Roofing Nail
Optional Trim Screws #9 flat head, polymer 2.5"

Hinges 6" 3
1 - Lock per owner
1 - O.S.B. 4x8x7/16"
1 - T1-11 Siding 4x8x7/16"
3 - 2x4 lumber 8'
3 - 1x4 Trim 8'

#9 flat head, Polymer 2 "" Exterior deck screws 1lb.
(Used to install trim to exterior.)

#8 flat head, Polymer 1 " Exterior deck screws 1lb.
(Used to install exterior and interior panels to door.)

#9 flat head, Polymer 3" Exterior deck screws lb.
(Used to install hinges.)

Click on the materials list for a downloadable version.

8x10 shed materials list


You may link to this page to share these plans. These plans may not be reproduced or distributed in any form, including posting on the internet, reselling or gifting to any individual or entity. Please read our License Agreement-Disclaimer-Ordering Information for a complete description. Copyright © 2014 BIG IDEA DESIGNS. All rights reserved.

The tutorial that goes along with these shed plans is an abbreviated version of the instructions shown in our How To Build a Shed Section. Please read the How To Build A Shed Instructions or View The Shed Building Videos before beginning this project.

Free 8x10 Shed Plans Floor Plan

The shed floor plan shows the overall wall sizes and door location. The plans use a letter and number designation to call out materials. The references a specific material that coincides with the materials list. This helps keep it clear what material or part goes where.

Free 8x10 Shed Plans Exterior Elevations

The exterior elevations show the different exterior finishes and what the shed will look like when finished.


Free 8x10 Shed Plans Foundation Plan

The rail foundation is made from 4x6 pressure treated lumber. They are set on the ground. We recommend putting down a bed of gravel under the rails and shed. The benefit of this is to provide drainage away from the wood rails and helps in leveling the ground. It also aids in keeping weeds down.


Free 8x10 Shed Plans Floor Framing Plans

The shed floor is built using 2x6 floor joists set on top of the pressure treated foundation rails. The floor joists are laid out at 16 inches on center. The steps to building the shed floor are:

  1. Cut the rim joists to the same length
  2. Put the rim joists together and mark them with identical layout markings to show where the floor joists will attach to them.
  3. Separate the rim joists and put one on each of the foundation rails. Crown each floor joist and put them between the rim joists, one on each layout mark.
  4. Nail the rim joists to the floor joists.
  5. Attach the floor joist system to the foundation rails.
  6. Square up the whole floor framing system.
  7. Attach the floor sheeting to the floor joists using 8d nails.
  8. Use glue on the top of each joist before attaching the sheeting.

The rafters are built at this time because you have the shed floor to work on without any walls in the way.

  1. Start by marking and cutting the rafter seat, birdsmouth and ridge angle on two of the rafters.
  2. Set the two rafters on the shed floor and make sure that the angles are correct and that it spans from wall to wall properly.
  3. Use one of the rafters as a template and scribe the cuts onto all the other rafters and then cut them all out.
  4. Make a jig on the shed floor by setting the two original rafters on the shed floor in their final positions in relation to each other and screw blocks to the shed floor to hold the sides of the rafters.
  5. Nail a gusset on the ridge connection to hold the rafters together.
  6. Set the remaining rafters into the jig and nail them together.
  7. Set the rafters aside to be used when you build the roof.


Free 8x10 Shed Plans Wall Framing Plans

The walls are shown on the plans next but you will want to build the roof rafters before building the walls. The open floor is the perfect place to build the rafters.

The walls are built by:

  1. Marking the wall lines on the floor.
  2. Cutting the wall plates and setting them on their respective wall line locations and marks on the shed floor.
  3. Mark the stud layout and doorway opening on the top and bottom plates.
  4. Cut the wall studs to length.
  5. Separate the top and bottom plates.
  6. Crown the wall studs and set them between the wall plates, one on each layout mark.
  7. Line each stud up with its respective layout mark and nail the wall plates to them.

Doorway Construction:

  1. Build the door header by sandwiching a piece of 7/16" O.S.B. between 2 - 2x6 boards.
  2. Build the door opening by nailing the door header to the king studs to make the shed doorway assembly.
  3. Set the shed door assembly in its location between the top and bottom plates of the wall that the door goes on.
  4. Nail the door assembly to the wall plates.

Stand The Walls Of The Shed:

  1. Clean the floor of any dust or other stuff that will hold the shed wall up.
  2. Start by standing one of the longer walls. Line the bottom plate of the wall up with the wall line markings on the floor and attach it to the floor using 2-16d nails every 16 inches.
  3. Install the remaining walls in the same way.
  4. Nail the corner connections together using 1-12d nail along the vertical connection at the corner where the two walls meet.
  5. Install the wall top plates. Make sure that the top plates overlap from one wall to the other. Install two nails on each side of the joint.


Siding Installation: The siding is used to square up the wall framing.

  1. Figure out how long the sidning needs to be.
  2. Line the vertical edge of the siding up with the corner of the wall framing. Do not worry about it being straight with the top of the wall at this time.
  3. Attach the first piece of siding using at least two nails along the corner of the wall. Do not put any nails into any other part of the siding except for the edge.
  4. Now go to the other vertical edge of the siding and move it up or down until the top edge of the siding is parallel with the top of the wall and nail it to the wall framing. This locks the wall in place and makes it square.
  5. Continue installing siding along the wall.
  6. Repeat the steps with each new wall to make sure they are square.


Free 8x10 Shed Plans Roof Framing Plans

The roof framing is installed next. Use the roof rafters you built earlier.

Install The Shed Roof Rafters:

  1. Mark the rafter location layout on the top plates. Measure from one of the shed ends and place a mark as shown on the plans.
  2. Make sure to layout both wall top plates from the same end of the shed.
  3. Set the rafters at the two ends of the shed first.
  4. Pull a string line between the peaks of the two end rafters.
  5. Set the rafters on the marks along the walls. Line the peak up with the string line and nail the rafter seats to the top plates.
  6. Brace the rafters as necessary to hold them vertical until you get the roof sheeting installed.
  7. Mark the rafter layout on two fascia boards.
  8. Install the fascia boards on the rafter tails by lining up the layout marks to the tails and nailing them together.

Install The Roof Sheeting:

  1. Start at the same end of the shed that you laid the trusses out from and attach a piece of O.S.B. sheeting to the fascia board.
  2. Flush up the top corner of the sheeting with the end rafter edge and nail it to the rafter.
  3. Mark the rafter layout on the top edge of the sheeting.
  4. Straighten the rafters to line up with the layout marks on the sheeting and nail the sheeting to the rafters.
  5. Continue installing sheeting. Stagger the sheeting with each new row.
  6. Make sure that there is a 1/8" gap between the sheeting ends to allow for expansion.
  7. The ends of the sheeting should share 1/2 of the top of the rafters so each side has equal support.

Free 8x10 Shed Plans Building Section

The building section shows you a lot of information about how the shed goes together including the relationship between the floor to wall, wall to rafters and the wall height.

Free 8x10 Shed Plans Roof connection details

Roof Framing Details

These details show the roof connections.

Free 8x10 Shed Plans Floor To Wall Connection Details and Door Header Construction Details

Floor To Wall Connection Details and Door Header Construction Details


The trim is installed in the following order:

  1. Install the roof fascia first. Start with the eves and then install it on the roof rakes.
  2. Install the soffits on the underside of the eves.
  3. Then install the trim on the corners of the shed. Make sure to overlap the trim pieces that are on the front side of the shed so the gap between the corner pieces is hidden when viewing the shed from the front.
  4. Install the trim around the door last.


Check out our how to install asphalt shingles on the roof video and tutorial to see all the details related to installing roofing. The general steps are as follows:

  1. Install the drip edge on the eve
  2. Install the asphalt building paper
  3. Install the drip edge along the roof rake
  4. Nail the starter strip along the eve edge
  5. Install the first 6 rows of shingles
  6. Cut the shingle ends off
  7. Install the remaining rows, 6 at a time
  8. Install the ridge cap.


The door is actually one of the easiest parts of the shed to build. It is built from full sheets of O.S.B. and siding

Backyard Shed Plans

Our backyard storage shed plans are defined by their cost effective quality construction and simple to build designs. Their construction includes 2x4 framed walls, T1-11 grooved plywood siding, asphalt roofing and a strong sandwich construction door. You can buy shed plans with different pitches of roof slopes The lower pitched roof and simple trim make them easy and inexpensive to build. If you are looking for storage shed plans that are designed to be easy to build from and as cost effective as possible, the backyard shed plan line is your best choice.

How To Build A Shed

iCreatables has the internets most comprehensive How To Build A Shed information library on the internet. You can find on the website:

Lean To Shed Plans

A lean to shed is the perfect way to build up against a fence or wall and still have plenty of room in your yard. It also keeps water away from the structure you are building up against. The lean to shed design is the simplest design of shed to build because of its single plane sloping roof which makes the roof easy to build. We have many different configurations and sizes either with double or single doors. The larger lean to designs include optional plans to build the doors on any side of the shed. Our smaller lean to style sheds have a 4 in 12 pitch roof and our larger designs have a 2 in 12 pitch roof to keep the overall shed height lower and help reduce shed construction costs.

Office Shed Plans | Modern Shed Plans | Studio Shed Plans

Modern Sheds are defined by their clean and simple looks. They are perfect to be used as a home office, work studio or even a cool place to store things. With lots of windows, a simple low slope metal roof and horizontal siding, these plans are a great way to build a professional work space right in your back yard. Building a home office or work studio in your backyard will eliminate the commute to work and at the same time give you a quiet professional place to work and bring clients.

Saltbox Shed Plans

A saltbox shed is defined by its double sloping roof style. The front roof has a steep slope of 12/12, and the rear roof has a lower slope of 5/12. Most plans have options for the doors on either the front or side. Click on the images to view more details. The saltbox style evolved from the practice of extending the second floor roof line down to the first floor level to create additional covered living space. The design adds a south eastern flair to back yard shed designs.

Greenhouse Shed Plans

Our wood greenhouse shed plans have lots of windows and use clear polycarbonate roofing that lets in plenty of light to keep your plants happy and green. Several designs use the same doors that are installed on residential homes to keep construction simple and allow the door to have a glass panel to let in even more sunlight. The floors are made using 2x6 pressure treated wood so plants can be watered inside without the worry of damaging the floor.

Firewood Shed Plans and Wood Bins

Firewood sheds are simple sheds designed to help your firewood dry out and also keep it from getting a lot of water on the wood when it rains or snows. The simple open front design allows the wood to be easily accessible and increases air flow around the stacked wood. The floors are designed using 2x4 boards spaced 1" apart to provide plenty of strength and allow allow air to circulate up through the floor and around the wood to season it properly. The roofs are corrugated metal but they can also be roofed with asphalt shingles.

A well designed and built wood storage shed allows you to properly season your firewood so that it will be ready to burn.

Garden Shed Plans

The garden shed is often called a cottage shed which is defined by steep roofs and detailed trim work. The trim details take a little more time and expense but greatly add to the look and feel of a quality project. Our two main styles include the Cape Cod which has taller windows and the Colonial which has square windows.

Small Horse Barn Plans and Run In Shed Plans

We have a large selection of small horse barn plans, tack rooms and run in shed plans. Each of our designs comes with a materials list and construction plans to help you save time and money when you build. We have many different sizes of horse barns including one, two, three and four stalls. Most of the barns and run in sheds are designed to be built with pine board and batten siding on the outside and a 4' tall Oak kick board on the interior.

Storage Building Plans Accessories And Options

If you are looking for plans for the little extras like a ramp to make it easier to get into your shed then you have come to the right place. These shed ramp plans and instructions are free to download and use.

We have many shed plan details to help you build your shed to fit your needs. We offer free plans for our gable shed designs with roof optional roof pitches of 5/12, 6/12, 7/12, 8/12, 10/12 and 12/12. The are designed for 8', 10' and 12' wide sheds. Just let us know what plan you purchased and we will email you the plans

Buy Shed Plans

We make it as simple as possible to buy shed plans and start building. Our pdf download allows you to purchase the plans and start building immediately. We also offer the option to postal mail the plans if you need that. When you buy the shed plans you will get an email from us that includes a link to download the plans to your computer.

Building A Shed

Building a Shed should be a fun project that provides the satisfaction of creating something and a sense of accomplishment. We have put great effort into our shed plans to make them easy to follow and work from. The How To Build A Shed eBook that is included with every shed plan is designed to show all the different steps involved in building a shed. The materials list is detailed out so that every part of the shed has a label which makes it easier to put each part where it goes. Let us know how your shed building project goes, we love to hear about and see photos of our customers building their sheds! Find the email address at the top of this page to send in your shed building photos.