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Our backyard shed plans are designed with the same high standards as our other sheds. They are more economical to build because the shed walls are shorter and smaller in size which uses reduces the amount of material used to build them. The smaller backyard shed plans come with a 6'-7" wall height which allows the door to be put on either the eve or gable ends of the shed. The lower wall height allows the sheds to be built using less shed building materials but still gives plenty of headroom inside the shed. Our 8' tall shed plans with a gable roof come are designed to be have an overall height of not more than 8'.  This height allows them to be built in areas where building codes do not allow sheds to be taller than 8'. The backyard shed line is designed to be as cost effective as possible and still provide a solid and well built shed.

10x14 Backyard Shed Plans

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14x24 Backyard Shed Plans

14x24 Backyard Shed Plans

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8x8 Gable Shed Built In Houston, TX.

8x8 Backyard Gable Shed - plans

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Backyard Shed Plans

While all of our shed plans are designed to be build in a backyard, this collection of plans represents a few of our more simple designs. They are are designed to be easy to build while keeping the use of materials to a minimum without sacrificing build quality. The main factor that contributes to these design factors is the roof design. By using a lower slope roof rafter and a minimal roof overhang the roof systems on these roofs is easier to build and uses less roof sheeting, asphalt roofing and gable end siding.

Additionally, many of our backyard shed plans are designed with shorter walls. By making the shed walls a little shorter than the standard home framing height of 8'-1" there is a reduction in the use of siding materials, flashing for the siding and blocking that goes behind the siding joints. By shortening the wall height to allow the 8' tall siding to extend from the top of the top plate down past the bottom plate by 1 1/2" the siding can be installed without a joint. for easy water run off without seeping into the shed. please check the plan you are interested in to see the recommended wall height.

Our Economy sheds or Backyard Sheds as they are sometimes called use several different wall heights.

The 6'-7" Wall Heights: The 6'-7" wall height allows you to put the door on any wall of the shed and still have a 2x6 header over the shed door without the need for additional blocking above the header. This also allows you to install an 8' tall piece of siding on the eve walls without the need for additional blocking or siding joints. Our home built doors are about 6' tall which fits perfectly on any of the shed walls. The 6'-7" wall height is designed to fit our home built doors and cannot fit a pre-hung door.

7'-7" or 8'-1" Wall Heights: Most of our mid sized to large sheds have an option of either a 7'-7" or 8'-1" wall height. Both wall heights allow you to use either a pre-hung door on the shed or build a home built door. The 7'-7" wall height will give you a high enough wall to fit the full sized door and still be short enough to use a single piece of 8' tall siding that goes from the wall top plates down to below the bottom plates

Short Wall Heights: The shorter version of the economy sheds are a Short Storage Shed which gives the shed an overall height of no more than 8'. These wall heights are typically even shorter but the sheds still fit our door that is almost 6' tall. Many areas require a shed that is no taller than 8'. These sheds are designed to meet that criteria. Check out our Short Storage Sheds web page. The Short Wall Lean To designs are designed to give you an economical lean to shed that has a reduced wall height.

Backyard Shed Design Styles

Our backyard shed designs come in either the lean to or gable shed design styles. The gable roof shed provides the classic look of a backyard shed. The lean to gives you the ability to build the shed up against another structure like a house or fence and still keep most of the moisture running away from the adjacent structure.

Economy Shed Roof Designs

The backyard shed plans are designed to be roofed with asphalt shingles but metal roofing may be used in its place. A lower pitch roof like the 4/12 roof pitch gives the shed a simple garden shed look while keeping the cost down. Higher pitch roofs use more building materials to construct and are more labor intensive to build. The roof overhangs on the economy sheds is kept to a minimum which reduces costs and labor to build the roof. The narrow rake detail provides a very narrow roof overang.

The lean to shed designs for the smaller sheds utilize a 4 in 12 pitch while the larger lean to sheds use a 2 in 12 pitch. The larger lean to sheds have a 6 inch overhang.

Backyard Shed Foundation Plans

Most of our backyard shed plans come with a standard shed foundation of 4x6 treated rails as well as 4 optional shed foundations including concrete slab, poured concrete pier, pre-cast concrete pier and concrete block pier. Verify the foundation options for the shed you are interested by reading what comes with the plan on the page for that plan.

Start Planning and Building a Backyard Shed Today!

Whatever your shed plan needs we have a solution. From garden shed plans to basic shed plans, you will find the solution to your home storage needs here. Check out the shed plans on this page or browse the other shed plan pages on our web site to find your perfect shed plan.