5 Side Corner Storage Shed Plans

Corner Shed Plans

Although the 5 sided shed can be built anywhere, it works great in a corner of a yard up against a fence. The unique corner door location gives the shed a beautiful symetery that looks amazing in a corner area of a yard or garden.

Hip Roof Design

Because of the unique roof design the roof framing must be "stick framed". The rafters are installed to create a hip roof system. The main roof slope is 6 in 16 pitch framed using 2x6 boards to create the hips, common rafters and jack rafters. Because of the angled 45 degree corner wall the front slope over the door is a little greater than a 6 in 12 pitch. The front hip ends up being just over an 8 in 12 pitch.

This style of roof is tougher to build than our other shed roofs but if you are up for the challenge it is a great project that will give you great satisfaction to look at when it is completed.

Details For 5 Sided Sheds "Corner Shed Plans"

CORNER SHED FOUNDATION: The 5 sided shed comes with three foundation styles. It has the traditional shed framed floor over 4x6 treated lumber. Plans are also included to frame the shed floor out of pressure treated lumber or steel studs and install them directly on a gravel base.

CORNER SHED SIDING: The exterior of the shed is typically covered with T1-11 siding and 1x4 trim. But you can install any siding on the shed you like. If you want to match the siding on your house with something like stucco or lap siding you should install 7/16" O.S.B. before the sidings are installed. 1x2 battens may be installed over the T1-11 siding to give the shed exterior a little extra depth. This is called a Board and Batten finish.

CORNER SHED ROOFING: The plans call for asphalt shingles. These shingles are typically sold to provide a 25 year life or greater, up to 50 years, if you want. The roofing may also be changed to match your existing house.

CORNER SHED WINDOWS: The window shown on the plan is an optional feature. The shed walls may be framed without the windows or you may install more windows on any of the walls without a door.


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phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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