License Agreement-Disclaimer-Ordering Information

Grant of License: Any drawings or specifications (hereinafter “Blueprint Designs”) purchased from Big Idea Designs (BID) grants you, the Licensee, a nonexclusive right to build ONE structure using these Blueprint Designs.  The Licensee shall be permitted to print copies of the Blueprint Designs while planning an building.  However, the license granted to Licensee is for a one-time single use and is non-transferable .  Licensee shall not reproduce or distribute the Blueprint Designs in any form including posting on the internet, reselling or gifting to any individual or entity.  Licensee understands that the Blueprint Designs are owed by BID and copyrighted and that unauthorized copying of the Blueprint Designs is expressly forbidden unless specifically granted in writing by BID. BID reserves all rights and privileges not expressly granted to Licensee.

Delivery: Copies of the drawings will be delivered, at the discretion of the Licensee, through Email or Postal Mail. If Email; an electronic link used to download the Blueprint Designs will be emailed to Licensees email address. This link is used to electronically transfer  the Blueprint Designs in the form of a Portable Document Format (PDF) to the Licensee’s computer. If Postal Mail; the Blueprint Designs will be printed and postal mailed to the postal address provided during the purchase transaction.

Legal Disclaimers and Information: BID has prepared the Blueprint Designs in an attempt to satisfy building rules and regulations which are generally accepted.  However, the Blueprint Designs were created without any knowledge of Licensee’s local site conditions or geographical location.  Conditions specific to Licensee (such as soil stability, snow loads, wind loads or zones, seismic soil bearing capacity, frost depths, lumber, etc.) will vary which may require modifications to the Blueprint Designs.  BID provides no assurance that the structures made using the Blueprint Designs meet local conditions or any requirements related to local building codes or requirements (including stairway design, egressable windows, ceiling heights, smoke detectors, etc.).  Local laws may require that Licensee obtain a permit to create the structures from the Blueprint Designs.  Licensee shall be responsible to verity that the Blueprint Designs meet and confirm to the local building codes, structural needs, and zoning requirements of the site the building is to be built on. Regional variations including soil stability, snow loads, wind loads, seismic conditions, legal requirements from state or local authorities or other factors, may necessitate changes be made to meet local building codes. BID recommends that the Licensee contact a local structural engineer, architect or government building official to verify that the Blueprint Designs meet local code requirements. Licensee is responsible to verify local code compliance, which should be done prior to any construction beginning.  Any use of the information provided in the Blueprint Designs without adaptation to local codes, standards, site conditions and other factors is at the Licensee's sole risk.  BID is not responsible for changes made to the Blueprint Designs. The Licensee agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless BID, its employees, or authorized representatives for any actual damages, claims, liabilities, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys fees, resulting from the use of the Blueprint Designs.  BID does not perform construction supervision and is not responsible to verify that construction conforms to the Blueprint Designs. BID is not responsible for how the construction work is performed including methods, sequences, techniques or procedures of construction. BID is not responsible for site safety.

Limitation of Liability: Licensee agrees that in no event will BID, nor anyone else who has been involved in the creation, production or delivery of the Construction Drawings, shall be liable for any damages, whether such damages are claimed to be directly, indirectly, consequentially or incidentally caused by BID or any party associated with BID.  Licensee agrees and acknowledges that the sole and exclusive remedy of any such claim, including attorneys fees, shall not exceed the purchase price paid for the Blueprint Designs.  Licensee agrees that all sales are final.

Ordering Information: Our customers may  use multiple payment options but the most convenient are via credit card (VISA, MasterCard Discover or American Express) or via a PayPal account.  You may pay with your credit card by clicking on the BUY NOW button on the page for the Blueprint Design you are purchasing.  PayPal will also allow you to pay with your credit card or through their PayPal service by clicking on the link labeled "Don't have a paypal account?" after clicking on the Buy Now button.

Payments, Taxes, and Refund Policy: You agree that you will pay for all products you purchase from iCreatables.

Your total price will be the price of the product plus any applicable sales tax; the sales tax is based on the sales tax rate in effect for the bill-to address in effect at the time you download the product. We only charge tax in states where digital goods are taxable.

All sales of products are final.

Prices may change at any time.

Due to the electronic nature of our product we do offer refunds. The reason for this is that there is no way for the product to be returned without the buyer retaining a copy of the product.

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phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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