Photos Showing How To Build A Lean To Shed.

Renting a truck to pick up materials.
The finished shed.
Level the ground for the shed foundation.prepare the ground under the shed foundation
Shed building lumber.
Floor joist framing.shed floor framing
Leveling and squaring up the skid foundation boards.shed skid foundation level
Framing rear wall.building the first wall
Floor sheeting installed.shed floor sheeting
Framing side wall.framing first side wall
Framing rear wall.framing rear wall
Walls ready to stand.walls ready to stand
Frame other side wall.framing second side wall
Standing side walls.standing side walls
Standing and bracing rear wall.standing rear wall
Front wall header installedinstalling header on front wall
Start framing front wall.framing front wall
End rafter set.Setting end rafter
Rafters laid out.roof rafters laid out
Rafters set on finished walls. Sheet back wallrafters all set
Rafter birds mouthrafter birds mouth
Sheeting side walls.side wall sheeting installed
Marking side wall sheeting for cutting.cutting lumber for side walls
Install roof sheeting.roof sheeting installed
Install roof facia.lean to shed roof facia
Facia installed.facia installed
Roof sheeting over facia.roof sheeting over facia
Trim installed.all trim installed
Front wall sheeted.front wall sheeted
Corner trim installed.corner trim installed
Storing tools in the shed!tools stored in the shed
Roofing installedroofing installed
Painting details painting up close
Painting the shed.painting the shed
Door trim is held back from the door opening.door trim held back from door
Moving the shed on pipe rollersmoving the shed on rollers
Shed door construction: Outer panel and 2x4'sbuild a shed door outside
Shed door construction, inner panel and 2x4'sshed door construction-inner panel and 2x4 frame
Shed door construction: Outer panel and 2x4'sfirst shed door installed
Shed door construction: Outer panel with trimshed door trim installed
Shed door construction: Both doors installed.shed doors hung on shed
Shed door construction: Prep hardware for paint.Preping door hardware for paint
4x8 Lean To Shed complete4x8 lean to shed construction completed
Shed doors and floor painted.painting doors and floor
Lean to shed with landscaping.landscaping around shed completed
View the plans to this shed and others in our lean to shed plan library!12 shed plans
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed
Shed Heights to Meet City Buiilding Code Requirements Click To See The Heights Of Our Shed Plans
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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