4x10 Shed Plans

4x10 firewood shed plans4'x10' Firewood Shed Plans. Holds 1-1/4 Cord Firewood

4x10 Shed Plans

- A great sized storage shed to build along your fence or wall with about 40 square feet of floor space.

This is the internets largest collection of 4x10 storage shed plans. With lean to shed plans and firewood shed plans you will be sure to find the perfect 4x10 shed design to fit your storage needs.

Each set of plans comes with a materials list to help you determine the costs and what materials will need to be purchased to build before starting to build.

4x10 Shed Plans: Many Different Uses

There are a several different styles of 4x10 sheds to choose from. Most of our 4x10 backyard shed designs use the lean to shed roof because with such a small roof it is the easiest to build.

4x10 Lean To Shed Plans: The lean to shed roof is the easiest shed roof to build because the roof framing is a single span board.

The two styles shown above each have specific purposes.

The reglar lean to shed has the option of installing the shed doors on any of the 4 shed walls. Door plans are included to build the smaller door for the short wall. There is also a wall framing plan showing how to frame the door opening on either the tall wall or the shorter wall.

The second style of 4x10 lean to shed is designed to be used when a shorter shed height is desired. It has an overall height of less than 8' which is helpful if there are building restrictions from either your city building department of homeowners association that have an 8 foot or shorter height restriction.

4x10 Firewood Shed Plans: The 4x10 firewood shed is designed to keep your wood dry and help season it so it is ready for burning. The floor boards are spaced to provide air flow from below the shed up into the stacked wood and out the front door opening. This helps keep the wood from rotting and allows it to dry out. The open front of the shed allows for easy access to the wood.

Planning The Construction Of Your 4x10 Shed

The planning phase of building your shed is one of the most important parts of building your shed. These are some of the questions that should be answered during the shed planning stage:

  • How large of a shed do I want or need to build?
  • What is the style of shed that best suits my needs?
  • How much will the shed cost to build?
  • Where will the shed be built on my property?
  • How should the shed be oriented on my property to affect traffic flow and access?
  • What are the building requirements from the city or homeowners association that will affect the construction of a storage shed?


Start Building Your 4x10 Shed Now!

At we have all the planning and shed design resources you need to get you shed building project off the ground. These include simple to follow How To tutorial videos that show every step of how to build a shed, both lean to style and gable end sheds. We also have a How to Build a Shed manual that comes with every set of shed plans.

This manual shows how to biuld all the different parts of a storage shed. It shows how to build the shed foundation, frame a shed floor, frame walls, install siding, install doorways, build roof rafters and install trim. has the perfect 4x10 shed plans to help you build the shed you want. Click on the images and links above to find more information on each respective shed plan design. So start today and let us help you plan and build the perfect 4x10 shed for you yard or garden area!

Shed Heights to Meet City Buiilding Code Requirements Click To See The Heights Of Our Shed Plans
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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