DIY Greenhouse Shed & Storage Sheds

Pick your favorite shed plan above and click the link to view the plan details. Building a wood greenhouse shed is the perfect way to create a warm workspace in your yard. A greenhouse shed will let you get a head start on the growing season in the spring and extend your growing season in the fall. Our plans will show you how to build a greenhouse and get you on your way to making the world a little greener.



Greenhouse Design Options

Our greenhouse designs offer several different sizes and design styles to help you find the perfect greenhouse for your yard and garden. The large 10x12 Greenhouse is a saltbox style that has a translucent roofing material over a large part of the roof. The 6x8 and 8x8 Greenhouse designs use a more conventional construction and have lots of windows and a full translucent roof to let in plenty of sunshine.

Building your own greenhouse is a great way to add value to your yard or garden and create a quiet space to work on your growing projects. Find the perfect greenhouse plans by clicking on the More Info Buttons above and reading about each of our greenhouse designs.

Planting Tables

Planting tables are an integral part of any greenhouse. They are designed to hold your plants up high enough for you to take care of the plants without bending over. Our planting table design uses pressure treated lumber to reduce the chance of wood rot from the moisture associated with the plants. The boards on the planting table top are separated by a 1/2 inch gap to allow water to run easily off the table. Using this design you can water your plants right on the table top.

The plans come with details showing how to build the work table along the interior greenhouse walls.

Greenhouse Door

The door on these greenhouse plans is specified as a pre-hung, full lite door which gives the entrance to the greenhouse a light and airy feeling but still keeps out the elements.

Cottage Greenhouse Designs

The two garden style sheds offer a greenhouse and yard storage space. By building planting tables in front of the walls of windows you can create a great space to work on and grow plants.

Water Shedding Greenhouse Floors

The greenhouse floor is another part of the greenhouse that gets plenty of water on it. All of our backyard greenhouse designs come with a treated 2x4 floor design to allow water to flow through the floor decking when watering plants on the work tables. The boards on used to build the floor are separated by a 1/2 inch gap to allow water to easily drain off the floor.

Type of Planing In A Greenhouse

There are many different ways to use a greenhouse. They are used for everything from starting plants in the early spring to be used in the yard or garden to having a place to grow plants year round. There are several types of growing that are done in a greenhouse.

Hydroponics is a system of growing plants without soil. The roots are bathed in nutrient rich water which allows them to grow without soil. A greenhouse is the perfect place to grow hydroponically because you can control the enviroment during all seasons of the year.

Planting in soil is the traditional way of growing plants. A greenhouse provides a warm and sunny enviroment for the plants to grow, even in the winter. Every region has its own climate so you will need to adjust the times you grow to you local conditions.

Greenhouse Roofing

The corrugated translucent roofing and siding material is sold at most home stores or a local roofing supplier. It is easy to cut and install and will provide any greenhouse with increased sun shine inside to keep plants happy and growing.

Building your Wood Greenhouse

There are a few questions that should be answered when starting any shed building project to make sure that you end up without any major suprises. These include:

  • How big of a greenhouse do I need?
  • Where will the greenhouse be build on your property?
  • What style of greenhouse do you want and need?
  • How will the greenhouse be oriented on the property?
  • How will the traffic flow to and around the greenhouse? How will it work in relation to the yard and garden?
  • Are there any city or county building requirements that will affect the construction of the greenhouse?
  • Start Planning and Building a Wood Greenhouse Today! is your wood greenhouse plans resource. We have several different planning resources to help you complete you greenhouse build. By clicking on any of the greenhouse shed icons at the top of this page you will be directed to more information about the specific greenhouse. The plans for each greenhouse are the main source of information to help you build your new wood greenhouse.

To go along with the greenhouse plans we also have several different resources that teach you how to build the different parts of a shed. Our How To Build A Shed tutorial that comes free with each shed plan purchase is a eBook that has more than 50 pages of information describing how to build all the different parts of all of the sheds sold by It will teach you how to build the walls, cut and install roof rafters and frame a door opening. It also has framing tips like how to square up a floor and wall before nailing it together and how to crown the boards in the walls and floor.

If you prefer to see how to build a she instead of reading about it we also have a how to build a shed video series that shows you how to frame the different parts of a shed. It is based on our 8x10 gable shed plans and shows you how to build all the parts of a shed including framing the floor, walls, roof, installing siding, building the roof rafters and installing them on the top plates of the walls, installing aspahalt shingles and even painting.

iCreatables has your wood greenhouse plans! Our greenhouse shed plans are designed to give you the information you need to work on and complete your shed project. Click on any of the greenhouse shed plan icons at the top of this page to get more information about each respective plan. Pick the perfect plan and start building your new greenhouse today!