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Understanding How 16x24 Shed Plans Can Be Used

As some of our largest shed designs, the 16x24 sheds have a 384 square foot footprint. The larger size of these sheds allows them to be used for many things. They can be used for living spaces, one car detached garages, home offices or a backyard studio. When planning a larger shed building project it is always important to check with your local building municipality to verify the requirements to build.

Our 16x24 Shed Plans Include The Following Popular Shed Designs:

The 16x24 storage shed can be built in several different configurations to help you fit your specific storage plan needs. The following are several of the design aspects of our 16x24 shed plans.

16x24 Lean To Shed With Garage Door: The 16x24 lean to shed can easily accomodate the storage of a car or other large equipment. The lean to design uses 9 1/2" "I" joists for the roof framing. This gives you plenty of strength for heavy snow loads and insulating the roof. Check with your local building department to verify conditions locally as you may be able to reduce the size of the roof framing members for the shed roof.

16x24 Run In Shed: Our 16x24 run in horse shed is one of our largest run in shed designs. Many people use it to store feed and hay. It comes with the option for a center dividing wall that helps to separate livestock or feed materials for your horses or other livestock.

16x24 Gable Shed With Porch: Our largest shed with a porch on one end. The actual indoor area is 16x 20 feet and the porch is 16x4 feet. The covered porch provides a great decorative area to brighten up the back yard.

16x24 Gambrel Shed: One of our more requested large shed designs is the 16x24 Gambrel. With the loft inside the storage space in this shed is 16x20 feet in size. Please note that the roof design of this shed should be looked at locally by a local structural engineer or your building department to verify that it meets local building requirements.

16x24 Modern Studio Shed Plans: If you are looking for a large backyard office plan then the 16x24 modern shed plans should work perfectly. This studio/office shed design can be used for many things including an art studio, work studio, exercise area, pool house, detached living space or simply a storage space. Its modern design it provides a simple shed style that works for many different backyard uses.

Roof Framing For Large Sheds:

With the exception of the 16x24 lean to shed plan, these larger 16x24 shed designs are designed to have a pre-engineered roof truss. This type of roof truss can be manufactured locally by a local truss plant or lumber yard. The trusses will come with engineering showing that the trusses are built to satisfy local roof load conditions. This is common for roof spans of this size and provides the added benefit of knowing that your roof will handle the loads typically found in your area. The engineering will also satisfy your local building departments roof loading requirements.

The lean to shed roof is designed to use engineered lumber for the rafters. The "I" joist comes with engineering calculations showing the allowable loads for different spans. Our plans use a common I joist size that is typically rated for a 40lb. roof load. Check with your lumber supplier and building department to verify what is required in your area and purchase and install the engineered lumber that will best fit your application.

Planning And Building Your 16x24 Shed

.When you plan your shed construction there are several important questions to get the answers to before actually construction starts, these include:

How big of a shed do you need? What is the best shed style to build for my needs? What is the cost of construction going to be for a 16x24 shed? Where is the best place to build the shed on my site? How will the shed affect the traffic flow on my property? How will I access the shed? Does my city or county building department have permit or other building requirements for a shed of this size?

Start Building Your 16x24 Shed Now! is a great resource to help you plan your shed build. We have a few different shed planning and building resources to aid you in building your shed. Click on any of the 16x24 shed icons shown at the top of this page to get more information about each respective shed. The associated plans for each shed are the main piece of information to help you plan and build the shed.

In addition to the plans we also have several different instructional resources that describe how to build a shed. The first of these is a How To Build A Shed tutorial that comes free with each shed plan purchase in the form of an eBook. It has over 50 pages of instructions and illustrations that show you how to build all the different parts of the shed. It covers all of the shed styles sold on our website. Besides showing you how to frame the different parts of the shed like the floor, walls and roof it also shows you how to cut and frame a lean to roof and gambrel shed roof. There are several how to tricks like how to square up the foundation, floor and wall framing and how to crown boards.

If you would rather watch a shed being built than to read about it we also have a video series where we show you how to build every part of a regular gable shed. These videos take you from building the wood rail foundation to framing the floor and walls, building roof rafters and the roof, installing asphalt shingles on a shed and building the shed door. It even shows you how to install trim and paint the shed.

iCreatables has your 16x24 shed plan! Our plans will give you the information you need to plan and build your shed. View the differerent shed styles shown at the top of this page and find the perfect shed plan to meet your needs. Once you find the shed that works for you you will be ready to start building your new shed today!

Large Views of 16x24 Shed Plans

16x24 Gable Shed

16x24 gable shed

16x24 Gambrel Shed

16x24 Gambrel Shed Plans

16x24 Garage Door Shed

16x24 Garage Door Shed Plans

16x24 Lean To Shed

16x24 lean to shed

16x24 Run In Shed>

16x24 Run In Shed

16x24 Modern Shed

16x24 Modern Shed