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Hi!  I was so happy to find icreatables and the perfect plans for my 8x12 shed/office.  I've attached a photo of it here.  I posted more info, pictures, and a link to icreatables on my blog: Elle Belle Creative if you want to check it out.  A very happy customer, Stacey

10x12 modern studio shed completed Modern shed built in Arlington Virginia. Check out more photos on our modern shed photos page.

Home office and studio shed plans

Our modern shed plans are perfect to add the additional working space you need. Whether you need a quiet office or a private work studio there is no better way to work at home and still be away from it all. We have many sizes and configurations of office sheds but if you don't see what you are looking for please contact us. Pick your favorite shed plan below and click the link to view the plan details. What is a

Modern Shed Plan? Whether you call it a Modern Shed, Studio Shed or Office Shed one thing is certain, these sheds are designed to provide a place you can let your creative juices flow in a simple atmosphere that is away from the regular commotion of your house. Our studio sheds are designed to be used as a office or workspace. The difference between modern and regular storage sheds is mostly the design of the roof and the addition of windows to add light. The low sloping roof line and abundant use of windows gives the modern shed distinctly contemporary design characteristics. Interior and exterior finishes further enhance the finished look of your office or studio space.

The usable storage space inside is the same it is simply the look that is different. The flat roof is a little simpler to build and there are additional windows. The modern shed also is designed to use a regular residential home door. The studio shed can be built without windows.

Flexible Designs

We have many sizes and different designs of modern sheds to choose from. We know that every back yard is different so most of our studio shed sizes come with multiple door location options to suilt different needs. The design and construction of our modern shed plans will allow you to fully finish the space inside the shed. By adding electrical, insulation, drywall and floorings you can create a professional office space that you will be comfortable working. Or the shed can be left unfinished on the inside and you will have a modern looking storage space.

Save Money Make Money

Building your own modern shed is the most cost effective way to get the extra office or studio space you need. Most construction project costs are about half labor and half materials. By using our modern shed plans and building the shed yourself you will greatly reduce the cost of your new office space. Many homeowners perform the jobs that they feel comfortable with and then hire out the rest.

The long term savings of having a home office are great. You will save on your commute to work, get more work done by being out of the excitement going on inside your home and have a professional place for clients to visit you.

Great Reasons To Build A Home Office

Quiet Working Space: There are times when working from home that everyone thinks it would be nice to have a office space that is a little farther from the action. Whether it is being visibly present which makes those around you think you are available to help or simply too much noise going on outside the office door, working in the home is often a challenge. Building a modern shed and creating your office or studio space from our plans is the perfect way to get all the benefits of working at home and reduce the problems.

When you build a studio or office shed from our plans you will create a space that looks and feels professional. You will be removed from all the excitement going on inside the home and still have a commute of only a few steps from your back door. Our modern shed plans can be finished to any level you like. From first class office space to a clean and contemporary studio you can build it to fit your needs and budget.

Eliminate Your Commute: Everyone who works from home knows how much time and expense is saved by not driving to an office. Even an office that is a few miles from home requires extra time and money to travel back and forth to. If you have a long commute then the potential savings of building and finishing home office space is even greater. A office or studio that is just a few steps from your back door will change your daily life. You will have more time for the things that are important to you. You will also be able to spend more time doing those things. From time spent working to time spent with your family or personal interests you have more of it.

Saving on Office or Studio Rent: Building a home office from our modern shed plans requires a subtantial up front cost. But when you factor in the amount of money saved by not paying the rental costs associated with an office space away from the home you may have the ability to save money over the long term. There may also tax benefits associated with improvements to your home.

Keeping Your Workspace Professional: One of the primary reasons people do not want to work at home is because it is hard to work when those around you think you are "at home". Building a home office puts physical distance between you and those who may think you can do something for them because you are present. Even 20 or 30 feet out the back door will greatly improve your work ethic and keep family time and work time boundaries more clear. These boundaries will improve the atmosphere in both the home and work spaces and relationships. Those in your home will have a more clear understanding of what it means when you say you "I am going to work now" which translates into more productive work time and more peace with family members.

Pick Your Plan and Start Building Your Own Home Office Today!
Check out our many styles and sizes of modern shed plans in the design library above, pick your favorite and build your new space! We have many resources to help you build your modern shed and finish it to fit your needs. We have How To Build A Shed Videos that show you all the steps to building a shed. Also with every set of modern shed plans you will receive a copy of our eBook How To Build A Shed that shows you all the steps involved in planning and building your new shed.

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Modern Shed Built in Moab Utah.