10x24 Shed Plans - Large Sheds With Plenty Of Storage And Work Space


The 10x24 shed size is the perfect way to get a long shed that is big enough to park a riding lawnmower in one end and still have plenty of space for a workshop or more storage space.

Long and skinny sheds like the 10x24 backyard shed plans offer more wall space than sheds with square footages similar to 240 square feet space provided in the 10x24 shed. For instance the 14x16 shed has 224 square feet and has 60 feet of wall space whereas the 10x24 shed has 68 lineal feet of wall. That's 8 more feet of wall space that can be used to hang things on.

Our 10x24 shed plan designs include steep roof garden sheds that have steeper roofs and windows and lean to sheds and the more simple roof backyard shed plans.

Building a larger shed will give you more work space and storage space.

Shed Designs Using The 10x24 Shed Plan Size

We have a few different styles of 10x24 shed plans to help you build the perfect shed for your backyard or garden project. Our 10x24 shed plan library includes these popular design styles:

10x20 Gable Shed Design: Our basic 10x20 gable shed is designed to be easy and cost effective to build. It has the option for home built or pre-hung door designs. The home built door plans are included with every shed plan package. There are optional drawings showing the wall framing to put the doors on either the long or short walls of the shed. The shed wall height can be built using the 7'-7" wall height or you can use pre-cut framing studs to make the walls 8'-1".

10x24 Garden Shed Plans: The Colonial garden shed plan is designed with a single man door on the long wall and a doubl door on the short wall. It has the option to have the large double door on the long wall between the two shed windows. The option to move the door plans makes this versatile plan a great option for a stylish shed with lots of storage space. Adding shutters to the windows and a planter under them will further enhance the sheds beauty.

10x24 Lean To Shed Plans: The Lean To style shed allows you to build a 10x24 backyard storage shed with the minimal amount of height. The lower slope roof keeps the roof height down and makes it a bit easier to build the shed roof. It also is typically the shed roof of choice when building the shed up against another structure like a house or fence where you cant have water running off the roof and down between the two structures. The single slope roof keeps the water running away from the adjacent fence or other building. Like all of our large lean to shed plans the lean to shed comes with plans to install the door on any of the 4 shed walls.

10x24 Shed Foundations

Our 10x24 sheds come with three different foundation plans. These include the common treated wood rails with a framed floor on them, the floor framing setting directly on a bed of gravel or a concrete slab:

Wood Rail Foundation: This is the most common shed foundation because it is very simple to build and works on ground that has a slight slope without too much additional grading. It is built by setting two pressure treated 4x6 board set on a shallow bed of gravel, or even directly on the soil. The floor joists are set on the wood rails and then the shed is built on the floor.

Concrete Slab: Building on a concrete slab is the most permanent and solid way to build your shed floor. It is built by digging a perimeter footing and installing a bit of gravel or compacting the soil and then installing form boards around the shed perimeter. Steel rebar is installed around the perimeter and then the forms are filled with concrete. Anchor bolts are installed around the perimeter to hold the shed walls to the concrete.

Gravel Bed: The gravel bed with framing directly on it is another fairly simple way to build your shed floor. This method allows the shed floor to be closer to the adjacent finished grade around the shed. It is built by installing a level bed of gravel that is about 6 inches larger than the shed on all sides. Good drainage should be instaled around the shed so water does not pool under the shed. The floor framing is changed to pressure treated wood or steel studs and set directly on the gravel base.


Learn How To Build A Shed

The planning stage of your shed building project is just as important as actually building the shed. These are a few ot the items that should be planned for before construction begins:

  • How large of a shed will you build?
  • What style of shed will you build?
  • Where on your property will the shed work best?
  • How much will the shed I want to build cost?
  • What are the city or county or homeowners association requirements for building a detached accessory building, shed?
  • How will the traffic flow in and around the shed work with the rest of my yard or garden?
  • Do I need a building permit for the shed plan I want to build?


Start Building Your Shed Now!

We work hard to make sure that has the most shed building information and largest plan selection on the internet. We have everything you need to plan and build your storage shed. The 10x24 shed plans shown above are an invaluable resource to help you have a great shed building experience.

We also have many shed building instructional resources to help you with your project. Check out our How To Build A Shed manual that comes with each shed plan purchase. We also have online tutorials that have step by step written instructions with hundreds of photos. And if you like to watch video we have several video series that take you through each part of the shed building process.

iCreatables has the shed plan you are looking for to help you build your shed. Check our our selection of 10x24 shed designs and start planning and building your new shed today!