Large 10x16 Shed Plan Library - Many styles to choose from

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10x16 Shed Plans - A Large Shed To Solve Your Storage And Work Needs

If you are looking for a large shed that is fairly narrow so that it does not eat up your back yard but still big enough inside to fit even the largest lawn tractor then the 10x16 shed may be your answer. At 160 square feet, the 10x16 these shed offer increased storage or work space. A long and narrow footprint provides an increased amount of wall space to store things on. Your specific storage needs and design tastes will determine what style works best for your yard or garden. We have many styles of sheds to choose from in the 10x16 size, from steep roofed garden sheds, to a gambrel barn, to modern studio sheds, a lean to, and of course the gable roofed shed plans.

Shed Designs Using The 10x16 Shed Plan Size

The 10x16 shed size comes in several different design configurations to help you pick the perfect look and functionality for your back yard storage, studio or gardening needs. Our 10x16 storage shed plans have a great variety of shed styles including the following:

10x16 Gable Shed Design: If you want the simple design of a gable shed our 10x16 gable shed is designed to be built with either a home built door or a pre-hung residential home door. The doors can be installed on either the gable end or the eve end walls to make it easier to position your shed in the perfect spot in your back yard. The gable shed comes with the 7'-7" wall height as the standard but you can also use 92 5/8" pre-cut wall framing studs to make the walls 8'-1".

10x16 Garden Shed Plans: Our Cape Cod designs have the door on one end of the front wall and then two windows to the side of the door. Building the double doors on one of the end walls to give you plenty of access to the inside and provides a generous amount of room to move large tools in and out. Choose from designs that have a covered porch area or if you want to keep things simple you can build it without the porch. Adding window boxes and board and batten siding finishes the look.

10x16 Backyard Shed Plans: Creating that old world charm right out your back door is easy with the Colonial style. By centering the front door and flanking it with a window on each side its symetrical front elevation is reminiscent of colonila architecture. The hardest choice when picking a colonial shed plan is deciding whether or not to build it with a porch.

10x16 Lean To Shed Plans: The 10x16 lean to provides simple functionality. Its single plane sloping roof allows you to built the shed up against a wall or fence without the fear of rain and snow running down between the buildings. Our practical design allows you to install the shed door on any of the walls including the high side, low side or end. The plans come with wall framing plans for all of these door locations. This is the simplest shed style to build.

10x16 Gambrel Roof Shed Plans: If you want the look of a country barn right in your back yard there is no better way to get it than to build your own barn shed. The 10x16 gambrel shed gives you a loft space on the second level that has over 3 feet of head room to store seasonal or other items up out of the way and off the shed floor. It has a set of large double doors on the end and a single door to allow easy access when you don't want to walk through the area by the large doors.

10x16 Modern Shed Plans: If you want a large office or work studio in your back yard the 10x16 studio shed plans may be the perfect way to get it. With two different design options there are several choices to help you build a home office or modern work space close to home.

10x16 Shed Foundations

The 10x16 shed plans come with multiple foundation options. Each plan comes with 5 different foundation designs so you can pick the right foundation for your shed building project. These include: Wood Rail Foundation: This is the most used shed foundation. It consists of two pressure treated wood rails set on a gravel bed. The floor framing sits on top of the wood rails. Concrete Slab: The concrete slab is a more permanent floor and foundation than the wood rail. The costs are slightly higher than the wood rail with a framed floor but if you are looking for a permanent floor that is solid then the concrete slab is a great way to go. Pre-cast Concrete Piers: These are pre-cast and you set them on a level bed of gravel. CMU Block and Poured Concrete Piers: For building sites that have a slope to them the CMU or Concrete Piers are the best solution. You can make the piers taller on one end of the shed than the other to build your floor level. They are set on a concrete pad a the bottom. These shed foundations work well when you want to get the shed foundation below the frost line.

Planning Your Shed Construction

Getting ready to build your shed is as important as the actual construction. Taking time to plan will save you time and money once you get working with the wood. These are some of the things that should be thought through before construction begins:

The size of the shed you need to bulidThe style of shed and exterior finishes like roofing and siding The cost of your shed buiding project, this takes into account the size and style of the shed The location of your shed on your property Traffic flow to and around the shed If you need a building permit Start Building Today!

iCreatables has all the information you need to plan your shed construction. The 10x16 shed plans shown above have all the popular design style to help you pick the shed plan that best fits your needs. These include gable sheds, garden sheds with a steep roof and windows, studio sheds, lean to and gambrel shed designs.

We also have several shed building instructional resources. These include a How To Build A Shed Manual that is included with every shed plan purchase and a How To Build A Shed online instruction tutorial and A How To Build a Shed Video series.

iCreatables sheds has the 10x16 shed plan you need to plan and build your backyard shed. Please take some time to review the different 10x16 shed plans above and pick the plan to get your shed project off the ground today!