YOU CAN NOW LEARN how to cut out roof rafters for your shed using our latest videos. The first two videos show how to cut storage shed roof rafters. They are broken up into two parts, the Ridge Angle Cut and the Birds mouth.

Part 1: Ridge Angle Cut. This video shows you how to use a framing Speed Square to cut the proper ridge angle.

Part 2: Cutting a Birds mouth. This detailed video tutorial walks you through the steps to mark and cut out a birds mouth so it can sit flat on top of the shed wall and give the rafter the proper roof slope.

12×16 Storage Shed Designs: This short video shows 5 of our most popular 12×16 shed plan designs. It shows views of all 4 sides of each shed and some of the available options. Also included are an example of each of the actual plan drawings to give you an idea of how detailed our plans are.

Visit our Shed Building Videos page to view these and other shed building and shed design videos.