How To Install Trim On The Storage Shed

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Welcome to this shed trim installation tutorial. Here you will learn about the steps to installing exterior trim on your storage shed.

Trimming the shed is what gives it its character. Most sheds that are sided using sheet siding like 4x8 rough cut plywood or T1-11 will require a trim piece to be installed around all doors and windows, corners and roof soffit and facia. This trim helps seal the corner and roof connections as well as make the shed look good. This article teaches you how to trim a shed with basic 1x4 trim pieces but any size trim pieces may be used.

The fascia trim should be installed before the roofing so that the drip edge can overlap the fascia boards. The material used here is an O.S.B. material that has a wood pattern on the face.


How to install exterior trim install eve fascia

The first step to installing trim on the shed is to install the fascia on the eves and gable ends of the shed roof. The eve fascia is first because the rake fascia on the gables will overlap it on the ends.

Start by measuring the eves and cutting the fascia to length. Make sure the top edge is flush with the top of the roof sheeting and the ends are flush with the siding and then nail the fascia trim boards onto the sub fascia.

Install the eve fascia on both eves of the shed roof using 8d galvanized nails.


How to install exterior trim measuring rake fascia

The second step is to install the rake fascia. Use a trim board that is a bit longer than necessary to cover the peak to eve distance and mark the roof pitch angle using a framing or speed square on one end.

Start by marking a square line across the board. Keep the pivot point of the speed square on the end of the line and pivot it until the edge of the board lines up with the roof pitch mark on the Common scale.

Mark the angle on the board and then cut it.
If you have a mitre saw you can set the angle on the saw and cut the angle into the board without marking it first.

Hold the fascia board in its position and verify that the angle is correct. The ridge end of the trim board should be vertical when the top edge of the trim is flush with the shed roof.

With the fascia board lined up with the ridge position and flush with the roof deck, use a pencil to mark the cut off point on the long end of the board by tracing along the face of the eve fascia onto the back side of the rake fascia board. This will be your cut mark for the fascia.

How to install exterior trim cutting rake fascia angle

Cut the rake fascia board and double check the length.

How to install exterior trim installing first side of rake fascia

Nail the rake fascia on making sure that the nails go into the roof rafter behind the fascia.

Cut the fascia board for the other side of the roof gable and hold it in position to check the angle against the fascia board that is already installed. Adjust the angle if necessary to make a good fit.

Double check the length of the fascia board and cut the lower end to the angle of the eve fascia.

Nail the rake fascia on making sure that the nails go into the roof rafter behind the fascia.

Measure, cut and install the other side of the gable making sure the the joint where the two boards meet at the ridge is tight and the eve end is flush with the eve fascia.

How to install exterior trim nailing on rake fascia

Repeat the process and install the fascia on the opposite end of the shed in the same way.


The third step is to install the soffit on the eves of the shed roof. If your shed does not have a covered soffit then you can skip this step. The soffit goes on before the corner trim so that the corner trim can butt up against it.

How to install exterior trim measuring soffit size

Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of the soffit. The ends of the soffit board that are on the ends of the shed will butt up against the fascia board. The long edges should touch the shed wall and the back side of the fascia.

The ends along the shed wall will rest on half of a roof rafter so the next piece can also attach to the rafter.

All joints between soffit pieces must have a roof rafter behind them. So cut the soffit pieces so that they overlap the underside of the roof rafter by three quarters of an inch.

Cut the soffit pieces from trim boards or from scrap siding pieces.

How to install exterior trim marking rafter locations on the soffit

Mark the rafter locations on the shed walls so you will know where to place the nails when the soffit covers the rafters and you can no longer see them.

How to install exterior trim installing soffit

Put the soffit boards into position and nail the soffit boards to the bottom of the roof rafters. Use one 8d nail at each rafter.

Install the soffit on the remaining open soffits around the shed.


How to install exterior trim front corner overlaps side trim

The fourth step is to install the corner trim. When installing corner trim you will want the trim on the front of the shed to cover the edge of the corner trim piece on the side of the shed. This means that you will install the trim on the sides of the shed first and then the front.

Measure and cut a piece of trim so it will fit from the soffit down to the bottom edge of the siding.

How to install exterior trim lining up the shed corners

Hold the piece of trim on the corner of the shed where it will be installed and then hold a scrap piece of trim on the other side of the corner to help you properly position the full size piece that will be nailed on.

How to install exterior trim nailing the corner trim on

Make sure that the edges are flush with each other and the corner gap is closed and then nail the trim onto the shed. Use 1 8d nail every 12 inches along the piece of trim and 2 inches from the ends.

How to install exterior trim on the shed end corners

To install the front piece of the corner trim you will first cut the roof angle onto a piece of trim that is about 2 to 4 inches longer than needed to cover the corner. Set the trim piece on the corner and check the angle for a good fit. Adjust the angle if necessary.

Hold the siding piece in place with the top edge butted up against the gable fascia or soffit if your shed has soffit on the gable ends.

Use a utility knife to mark the bottom cut location by pressing the knife blade into the wood at the bottom edge of the siding. Remove the trim piece and cut it on the mark.

How to install exterior trim on the storage shed corners

How to install exterior trim corner trim to roof rake

Make sure to note where the wall stud is behind the trim before nailing. There is typically about one inch of space from the corner of the trim to where the wall stud is behind the siding. Hold the trim piece in position and nail it to the corner.

Install the other four corners in the same way.


The fifth step is to install trim around the door opening. The door trim is installed flush with the edge of the siding that is held one inch back from the door opening framing.

How to install exterior trim  shed door opening

The header trim piece is installed first.

It should overlap the two side casing trims. Measure and cut the header trim according to your trim design.

Before nailing the header trim on you will first make sure that it has the proper spacing on each side of the door by holding a scrap piece of trim up on the sides of the door and adjusting the header trim until the two sides are equal.

How to install exterior trim around the shed door

The casing trims are installed after the header trim piece.

Measure from the bottom of the header trim to the bottom of the siding to find the lengths for the casing trims on the two sides of the door opening.

How to install exterior trim around the shed door

Measure, Cut and install the piece of trim for the the bottom of the door opening.

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