Leaky Hose Repair

How to replace a garden hose or nozzle washer

leaky hose nozzle

When a hose nozzle or hose end becomes leaky it is most often caused by a damaged to the hose end or simply a missing washer. This article teaches you how to remove and replace a garden hose washer on a hose end or a hose nozzle to repair the leaky garden hose.






brief how to

In this article, you will find information about:

  1. Detach The Hose End
  2. Remove The Washer
  3. Install The New Washer
  4. If The Leak Does Not Stop


tools and materials

  • Hose
  • Washer for garden hose
  • Screw driver or needle nose pliers

step 1 Detach The Hose End

There are two ends of a hose, the male and female. Disconnect the leaky hose ends and look at the female end. It should have a washer inside. see image.


If it does not have a washer in the end then this is almost certainly what is causing the leaky hose. you will not need to remove a washer that is not there so skip to step 3.

hose without washer

step 2 Remove The Washer

Use a flathead screw driver or needle nose pliers to remove the old washer. If the washer tears apart make sure to get all the pieces out of the hose end or nozzle.

hose remove washer

step 3 Install The New Washer

Press the new washer into the female end of the hose or hose nozzle. Make sure it lays flat.

step 4 Test The New Washer

Attach the hose nozzle to the hose bib or another hose end. Tighten it as tight as you can by hand without using tools. Turn the water on.

step 5 Other Things That Can Cause A Leaky Hose Connection

If the male end of the hose end is bent, split or not round it will leak. If the hose end is bent it will need to be replaced. To learn how to replace a hose end read the article How To Fix A Hose.

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