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Uses For 14x20 Shed Plans

14x20 is a considered a large shed design. Larger shed designs are great for things like backyard storage, office space or even living space! Our 14x20 sheds, except for the Lean To and the Modern shed are designed to use roof trusses designed and built by a local truss plans to insure that they meet the load needs of your local area.

The 14x20 sheds often require a building permit because of the large size. While planning for the construction of your shed you should check with your local building department to be sure what your local codes are for a shed of this size.

Our 14x20 shed plans include the following popular shed designs:

Our 14x20 storage shed plans have a great variety of shed styles to fit many diffferent design needs including the following:

14x20 Traditional Shed Design: The traditional style shed has shed design features that are found in various regions across the country. It comes with a 10/12 pitch roof but that can be changed when the roof trusses are ordered to be steeper of a pitch or less of a pitch. The roof overhang is 1'-0".

14x20 Lean To Shed Plans: Building a 14x20 lean to shed is the perfect way to get large storage space. The lean to shed is the simplest shed design to build. The lean to is perfect to use up against another building or fence. With its single sloping roof it keeps water running off the roof away from the adjacent structure. Our shed design allows you to either use a pre hung door or built a home built door using the included door building plans.

Large Views of 14x20 Shed Plans

14x20 Traditional Shed

14x20 garden shed plans front

14x20 Lean To Shed

14x20 lean to shed plans front elevation

Shed Heights to Meet City Buiilding Code Requirements Click To See The Heights Of Our Shed Plans
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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