How To Remove A Faucet

Removing a Kitchen Or Bathroom Faucet

bathroom faucet removal

To fix or replace a kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet it is almost always necessary to remove the faucet and take it with you to the home store or plumbing supply house so you can be sure to match the faucet replacement parts or simply match the faucet hole spacing where it goes through the countertop. At the store, especially a plumbing supply house, the salesperson will usually be able to show you how to remove the bad part and then once the part is identified they will be able to sell the replacement part to you. There are so many variables such as different parts and models of faucets that if you leave the faucet at home you will inevitably not remember exactly what the part looked like that you went to the store for. So take a good look at the problem you are having with the faucet, note things such as where it is dripping or what part is loose etc. so you can describe the problem to the people at the plumbing store. Then follow the instructions below to learn how to remove the faucet and take it to the supply house or home store.

brief how to

  1. Turn Off The Water
  2. Remove The Drain Lines, If Necessary
  3. Remove The Water Lines From The Faucet
  4. Remove The Nuts Clamping The Faucet To The Countertop
  5. Lift Up And Remove The Faucet

    tools and materials

    • (take a look at the nuts on the lower end of the faucet to determine which tools you will need from the list below)
    • Basin Wrench, Available at most home stores in the plumbing department.
    • Adjustable wrench
    • Channel lock pliers
    • Rag to soak up drips of water

    step 1 Turn Off The Water

    If you have shut offs at the sink they will look similar to this and you shut them off by turning to the right like any other water valve.

    sink shut off valve

    Prepare to remove the faucet by turning off the hot and cold water. If your house has a plumbing maniflold you will shut it off at the manifold.

    plumbing manifold on positionplumbing manifold off position

    step 2 Remove The Drain Lines, If Necessary

    You may need to remove the sink drain to get access to the faucet plumbing. If it is necesary to remove the "p" trap and drain extension read the article How To Fix A Bathroom Sink Drain Leak for instructions on removing the p-trap. If you do need to remove the drain make sure the sink is drained and cleaned before loosening the drain pipes.

    sink with drain extension removed

    step 3 Remove The Water Lines From The Faucet

    Remove the water supply lines from the bottom of the faucet with either the Adjustable wrench or basin wrench by unscrewing the nut on the end of the flexible water supply line. It will connect immediately under the countertop.

    water supply line removal

    step 4 Remove The Nuts Clamping The Faucet To The Countertop

    Most faucets are held in place by "clamping" themselves to the counter top with a larger meta or plastic nut that goes over the faucet threads coming down throught the counter top. There will be between one and three nuts that clamp from the bottom side of the counter top, the number depends on the design and whether the faucet is seperate from the hot and cold valves. If it is one unit the water supply lines will usually go thru the center of the nut and the body of the valve or faucet. This is done by means of a large nut that goes around the whole assembly that is below the counter top.

    Bathrooom Faucet Removal: Loosen this nut and the faucet will pull up from the top. If it is a wide spread faucet then remove the nuts on the valves in the same manner.

    sink nuts off

    Kitchen Faucet Removal: Some kitchen faucets use a special piece of metal under the faucet to act as a washer and clamping mechanism. The shape differs by manufacturer but in general it looks like a round thick washer with alot of holes and cutouts in the sides of it. The holes are made for the water lines and the base of the faucet to go thru it. This allows the nut to be installed over the water lines.

    Other Kitchen faucets use a metal washer and nut that clamps similar to the bathroom faucet nut.

    kitchen faucet removal

    step 5 Lift Up And Remove The Faucet

    With the nuts removed the faucet is ready to be removed by lifting up on it. Sometimes there is silicone or caulking around the base of the faucet between the counter top and the faucet. This will make the faucet removal harder. Use a putty knife blade to slide under the faucet base to cut the caulk.

    sink faucet nuts removed

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