How To Hang A Cheap White Board

Whiteboards are a great way to organize your thoughts or let your kids draw on the walls without the permanent mess. Hanging a white board is a simple project. There are many sizes and shapes of white boards. This tutorial shows you how to purchase and install a cheap large whiteboard from a home store but the same directions can be applied to any whiteboard. The large whiteboards from home stores are called "coated masonite" they come in 4x8 sheets and usually cost around $15.00. Magnetic whiteboards are more specialized and have a nicer writing surface but they cost about 10 times as much.

brief how to

  • Cut The Whiteboard
  • Attaching A Whiteboard To Wall Studs
  • Attaching A Whiteboard To Drywall Anchors
tools and materials

  • Coated Masonite from home stores that sell building materials
  • Circular saw or hand saw
  • Wall Anchors
  • 1 1/4" Pan head screws
  • Screwdriver or screw gun
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Permanent marker

step 1 Cut The Whiteboard

Masonite whiteboard material can be easily cut with a circular saw, or even a handsaw. Measure and mark where you want the cut and then use the saw to cut along the line. For an added fun you can cut the whiteboard in a fun design.

step 2 Attaching To Wall Studs

I like to anchor to the wall studs because it is stronger and creates less damage to the wall if I ever remove the whiteboard. If you use wall anchors you will not need to use a stud finder.

  1. Place The Whiteboard: Lean the whiteboard against the wall in the approximate location you want to install it.
  2. Find The Wall Studs: Use the stud finder to locate the center of the wall studs over the top of the whiteboard while it is leaning against the wall. Wall studs are 1 1/2" thick so find each side and then put a mark between them. Put this mark just above the top edge of the whiteboard.
  3. Center The Whiteboard Between Wall Studs: Use the stud finder to find the studs closest to the ends of the white board. Center the panel on the studs so the screws into the studs will be the same distance from the ends of the white board.
  4. Transfer The Stud Location To The Whiteboard: Mark the center of the studs on the whiteboard with dry erase markers.
  5. Locate The Top Of The Whiteboard On The Wall: Hold the board up on the wall, fairly level, have someone mark the top edge on one of the ends, try to hold it in approximately the same position as it was on the ground and mark over the stud mark you made on the white board.
  6. Find The Wall Studs Up At The Higher Mark: Now put the board down and use the stud finder to find the studs at the same height as your mark on the wall. Put a small mark to mark the center of the stud, just above the top of board mark.

step 2 Attaching To Drywall Anchors

Using drywall anchors allows a little more flexibility because an anchor can go anywhere on the wall. Drywall anchors are like big screws that screw into the drywall and then a regular metal screw is screwed into the center hole. The steps to using drywall anchors is similar using wall studs but there are also definite differences.

  1. Mark The Screw Locations: Use a dry erase marker to mark the anchor locations on the face of the whiteboard. Make the anchor locations 3/4" in from the perimeter edges and space them evenly every 24 to 32 inches along the edges.
  2. Place The Whiteboard: Hold the whiteboard on the wall in the exact location it will be installed.
  3. Drill Holes Where The Screws Will Go: Use a 1/8" drill bit to drill a hole in the surface of the whiteboard and into the drywall. How far the drill bit goes into the wall does not matter, it is only important to mark the drywall so the drywall anchor can be put in. Do not allow the whiteboard to move on the wall during the hole drilling process or your anchors will not line up with the holes in the whiteboard.
  4. Remove The Whiteboard And Install The Wall Anchors: Put the drywall anchor on the end of the screw gun and drive it into the drywall until the head is just touching the surface of the drywall. Do not over drive the drywall anchors, this weakens the anchoring.
  5. If You Hit A Stud: If you hit a stud you will not need to install the drywall anchor. Just use a screw.
  6. Screw The Whiteboard To The Wall: After the anchors are all in you can put the whiteboard on the wall and screw through the holes in the face of the whiteboard and into the anchors.

Break out the dry erase markers and have a whiteboard party!

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