Kids Basement Playrooms

6 Great Kids Playroom Ideas for the basement or any other part of the house.

Kids playrooms are the perfect getaway inside your home. With a few ideas for inspiration you can transform under stair spaces or basement niche into your kids dreamland. Here are some ideas for creating your own kids playroom from some home shows i have been to recently. Enjoy! (ps. don't mind the kids, there just playing!)

kids playroom home kitchen, dining, family reading area

The "home" theme is always popular, red and white vct tile accent the kids mini kitchen and dining area. In the foreground is the reading nook with a faux fireplace trimmed and painted on the wall.

kids playroom reading nook and soft chairs

A reading nook with soft chairs or throw pillows is always a popular additon to kids playrooms.

kids playroom dots on walls

kids playrooms are often built under the stairs to the basement. Wall decals add a personal touch and the colors coordinate witht the throw rug. You can take any color sample you have to your local sign shop and they can match and cut out any shapes and colors you like.

kids playroom under stairs dots on walls with small door

Short doorways make the playroom feel cozy and kid sized.

kids playroom castle

Castle themed kids playroom with a slide from the local home store are a great idea. Lots of hand painted textures finish the look.

kids playroom delux castle two stories and second level walkway

Upper levels of the castle in the kids playroom.

kids playroom in attic space door way

A small attic space is coverted into a kids playroom, this door is 5' tall. The wainscot trim and flooring from the bedroom continues into the playroom.

kids playroom in attic space off bedroom

Details like the small window, small couch and coordinated colors add to the fun.

kids playroom crown moulding

Crown moulding around the room makes the perfect place to display dolls and stuffed animals.

kids playroom 2 story castle

Another castle, two stories in 8' room. Perfect for kids to play on.

kids playroom bedroom tree fort

A treefort indoors is a great idea for slumber parties! This one is built with typical framing and then sided with pine boards. The tree trunk is simple stucco over expanded wire mesh textured and painted to look like tree bark.

kids playroom tree fort up close

Inside the treehouse play room.

kids playroom wall painting balloons

Wall painting is an inexpensive way to spice up any kids room.

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