How To Clean Wood Floors


Maintaining a hardwood floor is an easy task. With these tips you will have your floor clean, stain free and lookin like new.


tools and materials

  • Rag or Mop
  • Warm water
  • Floor soap

step 1 Get A Rag Or Mop Wet

Warm water cleans better so fill a bucket or sink with warm water and dip a rag or mop in it. Wring the water out.

step 2 Spread The Floor Soap

spread soap

Spread the floor soap on an area about 3'x3'. You don't need too much. The warm water in the mop or rag and the liquid soap on the floor will provide enough moisture to loosen the dirt.

step 3 Scrub the floor and rinse the mop

scrub floor

Scrub the floor with a back and forth or circular motion. If you are using a rag you should flip it over to a clean side every so often. If you are using a mop then turn it over when one side gets dirty. Depending on how dirty the floor is you will need to rinse the mop or rag out every so often and repeat.

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