Wiring A Dryer Plug

If you have moved into a home and the dryer outlet has 4 prong slots and your dryer has 3 prongs then you need to wire a new pig tail. Wiring a dryer plug is simple. There are

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tools and materials

  • Dimmer switch
  • Flat head screw driver
  • Phillips head screw driver
  • Wire strippers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Non-contact proximity tester
  • Wire nuts, sized to fit the gage and number of wires you will be connecting.


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step 5 Turn The Power Off And Verify Space For The New Double Pole Feeder Breaker

Safety Note: Working with electricity is very dangerous and can kill you. Before working on the main electrical panel you must turn the power to it off for safety. Turn the power off by turning the main circuit breaker feeding the panel to the off position. Remove the face of the panel and double check that there is no power in the panel using a electrical tester.

Make Sure You Have Space For The New Feeder Circuit Breaker: The breaker in the main panel that will feed sub panel will take up two slots in the main panel. If there is only one slot or no slots open you will need to add slots by removing the existing single pole breakers and installing slim breakers that allow for two circuits per single slots in the panel. This will give you the extra space you need to install the double pole breaker that will feed the sub panel.

Breaker install

step 6 Pull The Feeder Cable Into The Main Electrical Panel

Bring the feeder cable into the main electrical panel in the same way you did the sub panel.

  • Remove a knockout
  • Install the cable clamp in the knockout hole
  • Pull the Feeder Cable into the electrical sub panel through the cable clamp
  • Tighten the cable clamp screws onto the feeder cable
  • Remove the outer sheathing from the feeder cable, leave 1/2" of sheathing inside the panel.

step 7 Attach The Feeder Cable Wires To The Main Electrical Panel

Neutral Wire, White: Remove 1/2" of the wire insulation from the white neutral wire and attach it to the neutral bus bar.

Ground Wire, Green Or Bare: Remove 1/2" of the wire insulation from the green ground wire and attach it to the ground bus bar by installing it into one of the lugs and tightening the lug onto the wire.

Red Wire: Remove 1/2" of the wire insulation from the red feeder wire and attach it to one of the lugs on the new circuit breaker. (sometimes this wire is black with a red stripe on it)

Black Wire: Remove 1/2" of the wire insulation from the black feeder wire and attach it to the remaining lug on the new circuit breaker.

double pole breaker install

step 8 Install The Breaker Into The Main Electrical Panel

Install the new feeder breaker into the main electrical panel by hooking the tabs on the bottom of the breaker onto the lip in the panel and pressing the other end of the breaker onto the bus bar. Before installing the panels cover you may need to remove a face plate knock out so the breaker will fit thru the face of the cover. Make sure the new breaker is in the off position and replace the cover by screwing it on.

Turn the main breaker that feeds the main electrical panel on but leave the new feeder breaker off until you are finished working on the electrical sub panel.

step 9 Install Circuits In The New Sub Panel

You are now ready to pull circuits into the Sub Panel. You can learn about adding circuits by reading the article How To Add A New Circuit.

install breaker electric panel

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