5×12 Firewood Storage Shed Plans Built in Canton Connecticut!

5x12 Firewood Storage Shed Plans

Check out this amazing firewood shed plan. It is designed to store 2 cord of firewood.This shed was built in Canton Connecticut. Our How To Build A Shed Manual teaches you how to build the shed roof which is a lean to roof with a salt box shed front. We have over 10 firewood storage […]

4×12 Firewood Shed Plans Built in Gainsville, Virginia as Boy Scout Eagle Project!

Firewood storage shed plan.

This firewood storage shed plan was built in Gainsville Virginia to season firewood and keep it ready for burning. Boy Scout Eagle projects are intended give a boy the chance to plan a project and then show leadership by leading other volunteers to complete it. The firewood storage shed plan is designed with a roof that […]

5×12 Firewood Shed Plans Built In McLane Virginia

5x12 Firewood Shed Plans

Check out these photos of a 5×12 firewood shed that was built in McLean Virginia! This firewood shed has been modified by adding a 2 in 12 roof slope in place of the roof shown on the shed plans. For more firewood shed plans photos check out this link The plans to this and other firewood […]

4×12 Firewood Shed Built in Indianapolis Indiana


This beautiful firewood shed was built in Indianapolis Indiana. It was so helpful in seasoning and protecting firewood that the owner filled it with firewood before construction was completed. Our firewood shed designs are helpful in allowing air to flow around the stacked wood. This helps to season the firewood and get it ready for burning. […]

8×16 Firewood Shed Plans Built in New York!

Check out this beautifully built firewood shed. It is 8′ x 16′. It holds over 5 cords of firewood. A cord of firewood is 4’x4’x8′, 128 cu. ft.  The front door on this firewood shed is open to allow fresh air to flow up through the pressure treated floor boards and through the firewood. This helps […]

4×6 Firewood Shed Built in North Carolina

This beautifully built and finished firewood shed was built in North Carolina! It is finished with wood stain and brown corrugated fiber/asphalt roofing! The 4×6 firewood shed stores just over 3/4 a cord of wood! The floor is designed so that air can move from the cool shaded space below the floor and up through the […]

4×8 Firewood Shed Built in Shady Shores Texas!

Check out this beautifully designed and built firewood shed built in Texas! It is built from our 4×8 firewood shed plans and has several upgrades. The siding is tongue and groove siding and the roofing is wood shakes. Building a firewood shed is the perfect way to season your firewood and keep it ready for […]

4×8 Firewood Shed Built in Madison Connecticut

Built in Connecticut, this beautiful firewood shed is a great way to store one cord of firewood. This firewood shed design allows for air movement around the wood. The floor is designed with 1 inch gaps between the floor boards and the front of the shed is left open to allow unrestricted air flow. The […]

4×8 Firewood Shed Built In Etobicoke Ontario

One of our most popular firewood shed plans has been masterfully built by its proud new owner in Ontario. It features a short front roof to keep the snow runoff on the front side of the shed to a minimum. The owner/builder said “The shed was built in about 5 days except for the metal […]