Large Garden Shed Plans

If you are looking for a large backyard shed but still want a nice looking shed to compliment your garden instead of overtaking it a cottage style shed may be just what you are looking for. Cottage style sheds come with many labels such as Garden, Cape Cod, Colonial and New England but the common theme with all of them is their “cute” cottage style look. This look is achieved with the thoughtful use of steep roofs, detailed trim work, windows, board and batten siding and even a covered porch.

We have added several new large garden shed plans that are big enough to use as a small cabin, guest bedroom or home office. By including the large garden shed plans with and without a porch you now have a choice of a fairly large garden shed design with that great New England charm. and with their steep roofs they have plenty of extra storage space up in the rafters. The three new designs include the 10×16 colonial with its center door flanked by a window on each side, the Cape Cod with its door on the end of the front shed wall and then two windows spaced evenly on the front and the cape cod with a porch.