Greenhouse Table – Building a Garden Shed Table

greenhouse table, building a greenhouse table, garden shed plans

garden shed plans, greenhouse table support


I have heard the question as to how to build a greenhouse table several times. If your garden shed plans did not include plans to build a greenhouse table then these pictures should be able to help. There are many ways to build a table or work bench for a greenhouse and there are some things you need to take into consideration when building it. After deciding how big the greenhouse table should be you need to consider how much weight is going to go onto the table.  Most greenhouse tables will need to support a considerable amount of weight because of the pots and dirt in the planting pots that will sit on the table.

greenhouse table, building a greenhouse table, garden shed plans

Greenhouse Table Supports: This table is build using a 2×8 rail across the front and a 2×4 ledger along the wall. The ends of the front 2×8 rail are supported with a 2×4 block nailed to the wall and directly under the ledger and in the center there is a 2×4 post going to the floor. The 2×4 support ledger along the wall is nailed at every wall stud.

Greenhouse Table Top: The table top is built using 2×4’s laid side by side and with a 1/2″ gap between them. This allows the table to have air circulate up from below. The 2×4 table top boards are made from treated wood to help them last longer with the many wet dry cycles that a greenhouse table goes through. Many garden shed plans will have a similar type of table.


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