5 FEET IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL SIZED SHED PLAN. In fact if you type it into the internet you will find that it is almost impossible to find. The reason for this is that 5 foot is not a multiple of 2 which is the size that most construction materials come in. But if you have a 5 foot space and want to maximize your storage square footage within that space then a 5 foot wide or 5′ deep shed plan is what you need.

We have designed two lean to sheds that use the 5′ dimension. The first is a 5×8 lean to shed. It has the option of having either a double door on the 8′ wall or a 4′ door on the 5′ wall. The second is a 5×12′ lean to shed that has the same door options.

Both sheds utilize the same sturdy construction details found on all our shed plans including, floor and wall framing that is 16″ on center, stronger floor joist sizes and a door that has sandwich construction so it will outlast the shed.