12×14 Gambrel Small Barn Shed Built in Payson Utah


This 12×14 gambrel design is a beautifully built shed. The roof was created using home built roof rafters. The shed foundation is constructed using pressure treated lumber set directly on a bed of crushed gravel. This allows the shed floor to be very close to the height of the adjacent ground and makes it easier to […]

12×12 Backyard Shed Built in Fresno California!

This 12×12 backyard shed design was built in Fresno California. The owner did a spectacular job of building the shed. It has a beautiful paint job and a ramp which makes it easier to move equipment in and out of the shed. Out 12×12 shed is a mid sized to large shed that offers plenty […]

Shed With Garage Door Built in Illinois

This is a 12×16 shed design with a garage door installed on the 12′ gable end wall of the shed. The shed was modified slightly to make the garage door 6 feet wide and 7 feet tall. The plans show an 8 foot wide door. Putting a large door on a shed  is a great […]

3×12 Lean To Shed Built in St Augustine Florida

Built in Florida, this 3×12 lean to shed was built in Florida! This is a perfect example of how to use the sometimes seemingly “unusable” space between your house and the property line to add useful storage space. This shed is 3′ deep and runs down the side of the house 12′. If you have […]

10×12 Gambrel Small Barn Built in Oakland California

This beautiful gambrel small barn shed was built in Oakland California. The owner/builder modified the plans a bit by moving the double doors to the long wall and offsetting them to one side. Several windows were also added including a window next to the double doors and an octagon window on the gable end of […]

3×12 Lean To Shed Plans built in Los Angeles

This 3×12 lean to shed was built in Los Angeles California. It was built under an existing deck so the shed floor was built using pressure treated floor joists so the joists could sit directly on the concrete floor. This kept the overall height of the shed low enough to be built under the deck. […]

4×4-Chicken Coop Built in Oregon

This is our 4×4 Chicken coop with a lean to style roof. It is a simple to build coop that is designed to house about 4 large chickens or 6 bantam chickens.  This is a great chicken coop design if you want to raise backyard chickens. It uses a 4’x4′ space in your yard or […]

8×12 Modern Studio Shed Built in St. Petersburg Florida

We have posted this beautiful shed before but wanted to give an update on its interior finishes. This shed has been fully finished in the interior to make a home office.  The interior is fully finished with tile floors, insulation and drywall, electrical and trim. The decor has a mix of styles which create a personal […]

8×8 Backyard Shed Plans Built In Choctaw Oklohama

This 8×8 shed is the essence of backyard storage sheds. It has a home built door and a 6′-5″ wall height which allows the walls to be sheeted with a single sheet of siding. The shed plans also include optional shed design for the shed door to be installed on the wall with the roof […]