10×10 Shed Plans With A Modern Design

10x10 shed plans modern backyard shed

This 10×10 modern backyard shed was built in South Plainfield NJ. It is beautifully detailed with stained corners and custom windows in the gable ends just below the roof. It has also had a sliding barn door installed on the end to allow large yard tools to be moved in and out of the shed […]

12×16 Modern Shed Built in Puyallup, Washington

12x16 modern studio shed plan.

  This 12×16 modern shed was built in Puyallup, Washington. The shed has had a few on site modifications to it. A few extra windows were added and the entry door was moved to the front of the shed so it looks similar to our S2 modern shed plan. The shed foundation is a gravel bed […]

Amazing Modern Studio Shed Built in Arlington Virginia!

10x12 Modern Studio Shed Art Studio

This beautifully built and finished modern shed was built as an art studio. It is the perfect example of how to build a shed. The owner said “Thanks so much for the plans!  After four months of weekend work, our backyard shed studio is complete!  This is the 10×12’ modern shed which I’ve finished and […]

10×12 Modern Shed Design Built in Arkansas

This modern shed was built in Arkansas. It has had several design modifications including the foundation and siding details. The windows on either side of the doorway were left off the front elevation. These shed modifications show how you can customize the shed to fit your specific needs and design ideas. The owner / builder […]

8×12 Modern Studio Shed Built in St. Petersburg Florida

We have posted this beautiful shed before but wanted to give an update on its interior finishes. This shed has been fully finished in the interior to make a home office.  The interior is fully finished with tile floors, insulation and drywall, electrical and trim. The decor has a mix of styles which create a personal […]

8×8 Modern Shed Built In Florida!

This beautifully finished shed is an 8×8 Modern Shed Plan that has had a few modifications. It has had a few windows moved and added and the front door moved a bit. The exterior siding is lap siding installed over the 7/16″ O.S.B. This backyard Studio sheds interior is finished as a storage shed. The […]

10×12 Modern Backyard Shed Built in Burbank, California!

This well built 10×12 modern shed design has a few owner installed modifications like moving the doorway to the opposite end of the shed and window size changes. The owner/ builder said: “I just wanted to send along some pictures of the completed shed I built from iCreatables plans. The shed is totally solid, robust […]

12×20 Modern Shed Built in New Mexico

This 12×20 Modern Shed was built in New Mexico! It has several custom modifications such as the addition of windows on the front elevation, removing the upper winodws, installing the door on the left side of the shed and extending the eves on the shed roof. Modern sheds are a great way to add private […]