5×3 Generator Shed Built With Door On Roof

Small generator enclosure showing exhaust fan and electrical hookup.

This is our 5′-2″ x 3′-8″ Generator shed plan built to house a medium sized generator. The owner installed a residential powered gable vent on one end of the shed. It is plugged directly into the generator so that it runs when the generator is turned on. Screened and louvered vents were installed on the […]

Portable Propane Generator Enclosure Plans

This generator enclosure was built to house a propane generator. It has two sets of doors to allow plenty of access to the generator. The single end door is a great way to pull the generator in and out of the shed and the double front doors are used to change out the propane tanks […]

Generator Shed Photos

Check out this beautiful generator shed built in St Philips Newfoundland! It has been detailed out with an automatic exhaust fan that is plugged into the electrical outlets on the generator so that it is powered on when the generator is running. The builder used a direct exhaust to carry the exhaust fumes out of […]


The first step in building our generator shed was picking up the materials and then cutting the 4×4 treated rails that will be the foundation. These rails are cut to 3′-2″ long which is the depth of the shed from front to back. The two end rails go to the end of the shed and […]


We have started construction on our most popular generator shed plan, the 5′-2″ wide by 3′-8″ deep design with roof access.                   Over the next few weeks we will show the construction of our most popular generator shed plan. This design features simple construction techniques that keep […]