8×12 Backyard Shed Plans – Built in Pearland, TX.

Backyard Shed Plans - 8x12 Size

Check out this amazing 8×12 storage shed. It was built using the tall version of our 8×12 backyard shed plans. This taller version allows you to install either a factory built or home built door. Like most of our shed plans the shed door can be put on any of the 4 shed walls.

This storage shed plan has a few extras installed on it. These include cement based siding and gable end vents to let heat out. The owner decided to install a factory built door on the shed which allows a exterior door handle set and deadbolt.

Learning how to build a shed is done by downloading our free eBook that is included with every shed plan purchase. We also have lots of shed building videos that also teach you all about building a shed.

See more photos of this great shed and other sheds that were built using our storage shed plans by visiting our website.

Backyard Shed Plans - 8x12 Size
Backyard Shed Plans – 8×12 Size