12×16 Colonial Style Garden Shed Built in Williamantic Connecticut

12x16 Cape Cod Style Garden Shed Plans

This is the 12×16 Colonial style garden shed plan. Other than a few windows added and a slight change in the foundation the shed was built to plan. The 16×16 shed size is a very popular shed size because it holds a lot of stuff or provides for a very large office or studio. The Colonial […]

Amazing Modern Studio Shed Built in Arlington Virginia!

10x12 Modern Studio Shed Art Studio

This beautifully built and finished modern shed was built as an art studio. It is the perfect example of how to build a shed. The owner said “Thanks so much for the plans!  After four months of weekend work, our backyard shed studio is complete!  This is the 10×12’ modern shed which I’ve finished and […]

12×14 Gambrel Small Barn Shed Built in Payson Utah


This 12×14 gambrel design is a beautifully built shed. The roof was created using home built roof rafters. The shed foundation is constructed using pressure treated lumber set directly on a bed of crushed gravel. This allows the shed floor to be very close to the height of the adjacent ground and makes it easier to […]