4×4-Chicken Coop Built in Oregon

This is our 4×4 Chicken coop with a lean to style roof. It is a simple to build coop that is designed to house about 4 large chickens or 6 bantam chickens.  This is a great chicken coop design if you want to raise backyard chickens. It uses a 4’x4′ space in your yard or […]

8×16 Firewood Shed Plans Built in New York!

Check out this beautifully built firewood shed. It is 8′ x 16′. It holds over 5 cords of firewood. A cord of firewood is 4’x4’x8′, 128 cu. ft.  The front door on this firewood shed is open to allow fresh air to flow up through the pressure treated floor boards and through the firewood. This helps […]

10×12 Modern Shed Design Built in Arkansas

This modern shed was built in Arkansas. It has had several design modifications including the foundation and siding details. The windows on either side of the doorway were left off the front elevation. These shed modifications show how you can customize the shed to fit your specific needs and design ideas. The owner / builder […]

8×12 Modern Studio Shed Built in St. Petersburg Florida

We have posted this beautiful shed before but wanted to give an update on its interior finishes. This shed has been fully finished in the interior to make a home office.  The interior is fully finished with tile floors, insulation and drywall, electrical and trim. The decor has a mix of styles which create a personal […]