4×8 Lean To Shed Built in Boulder Colorado

This very detailed lean to shed is a great example of our most popular lean to shed design. It was built up against an existing garage. One of the unique aspects of this shed build was that it was moved closer to the adjacent garage wall after construction. The owner/builder used 3/4″ pvc pipes and […]

4×8 Firewood Shed Built in Madison Connecticut

Built in Connecticut, this beautiful firewood shed is a great way to store one cord of firewood. This firewood shed design allows for air movement around the wood. The floor is designed with 1 inch gaps between the floor boards and the front of the shed is left open to allow unrestricted air flow. The […]

3×6 Lean To Shed Built Against The Home

A beautifully crafted 3×6 Lean To Shed Plan has been built up against a house. This shed construction is a great example of how to build a shed up against a house and have the shed wall that is touching the house painted and finished before it is stood up. This is done because the […]

16×24 Gambrel Shed Built In Colorado!

Check out this masterfully built Large Gambrel shed built in Windsor Colorado! Several modifications were made to the small barn plans. The owner/builder said: “As you can see I made a few modifications to the plan, extended the 2nd story floor the entire length (left a 4’x5’ access hole on left side) and added a […]