12×20 Backyard Shed Built in Waterbury Center Vermont!

12x20 backyard shed with shake siding

This expertly built 12×20 Backyard Shed was built to create a large storage space. It is nicely finished on the exterior using vinyl siding that looks like wood shakes. The shed has had small windows added on several of the walls of the shed. This allows daylight in to help see inside the shed if you do not have electricity run to the shed.

The shed ramp is built to allow large items to easily roll in and out of the storage shed. The larger sheds like the 12×20 backyard shed design allow for plenty of storage space and still give room for a work area. This shed has both a double set of doors and a single man door. These are home built shed doors with a great trim design on them.

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12x20 backyard shed with shake siding
12×20 backyard shed with shake siding