12×16 Garden Shed Plans Built in New Jersey!

12x16 Garden Shed Plans

This amazing garden shed was built in Shrewsbury New Jersey. With a few owner installed upgrades to the storage shed plans it shows what a little personal style can do to make your new shed even better. The siding on this shed was upgraded to vinyl lap siding. To install the siding the shed walls were first sheeted using 1/2″ plywood on the exterior walls. The lap siding was then put on. The vinyl siding uses vinyl corners.

The shed also has home built double doors for the large door opening and a pre-hung factory build door for the man door.

The owner said, “Thanks man, I appreciate it, it came out great. The plans were very easy to use. The materials list made setting up a delivery very easy. I shopped around purchasing a finished shed and it turned out that building it myself saved me about 50% of the cost.
Well worth it. Total project took about 3 days. And it was a ton of fun.”

Building a shed using our backyard shed plans is the perfect way to get exactly what you want from your storage shed building project. You can learn how to build a shed by reading and watching our instructional videos and reading our tutorials.

You can find plans to this and many more outdoor shed plans at iCreatables.com

12x16 Garden Shed Plans
12×16 Garden Shed Plans